Monday, 7 October 2013

Spooky yum-yum: Spooky fragranced candle by Lily flame...

Lily-Flame SPOOK candle is a new release, and is described as using scent notes of fudge, toffee apples and tray bakes. To me it smells like vanilla cupcake, with a rich caramel overtone. The vanilla cupcake/cookie note is strong enough to carry whilst the candle is unlit. The blend is comforting and sweet, but it's not too sweet or sickly. I love the fragrance, and it is something that I'll use all year round, not just during the Halloween run-up.

The entirety of the candle wax is perfumed, so the fragrance lasts as long as the candle does, and I can also catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit.

If I had to give a negative comment to the makers of SPOOK, it would be that SPOOK is not, umm, spooky. I'd expected some seasonal blooms or patchouli in the mix, to give the fragrance a seasonal air. So, yeah, even though I do love this candle and will buy it again, I was a tad disappointed too.

You can buy SPOOK from Amazon for £8.99

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