Friday, 17 May 2013

This mascara is ooooooohhhh: Lashgasm mascara by Toofaced...

TooFaced  Lashgasm mascara ticks all of the main boxes for me; great separation, added length and the most noticeable volume increase that I've ever noticed. Simply put - the results are unbeatable. LASHGASM gives me results of lengthened, beautifully separated, evenly coated, non-clumpy lashes, with a rich black colour. I was really impressed by it's thickening ability, each time I've used it.

I've been wearing LASHGASM almost every day, all day since I bought it and have yet to experience any flaking or smudging from this mascara.

I was a bit disappointed when I opened the tube and saw the brush - it is composed of rows of combs instead of bristles, which I normally don't like, But the combs grab, coat and push every lash out and up (even those little stragglers in the outer corners of the eye), without hitting my socket line [which wands with longer bristles do].

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One thing; the formula is very wet when new, so most people will find it best to open the tube and then leave it a few weeks before you begin to use it. However; I quite like the whole grungy look...

Toofaced Lashgasm costs £18 and is available at BootsAmazon also sells it.

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