Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dare to bare - almost... Nearly Naked foundation by Revlon.

I'm a tad too fair and fairly cool [leaning towards neutral] toned for many popular brands of foundation, but Revlon foundations in Ivory [sometimes even the yellowly Vanilla] are shades that I find wearable - the base of the foundation leans toward pink more then yellow, but not too much so.

I found that Nearly Naked does look a little dark when swatched, but the formula is made to be highly blendable, so it wears lighter after application.

Where to start? This seems to melt in to my skin, leaving no tide marks or visible strokes and it feels weightless, despite a build-able medium coverage. The finish is very similar to my NARS Sheer Glow; Silky smooth, with an almost poreless look and a glowing satin finish, that lasts all day.

The foundation alone will cover discolouration/uneveness and minor blemishes, but if I have a spot I'll need to use a concealer.

Nearly Naked foundation - freshly applied
[also using Revlon Photoready concealer and powder]

Best of all, there were no patches of dry skin, itching or feelings of tightness on the dry and sensitive skin on my face, which almost every other foundation I’ve tried has left. There will be some shine on my face at the end of the day, but not too much and it won't look very oily if you leave it be. A touch of powder takes care of the shine if you prefer to have none.

Nearly Naked foundation - nine hours after application
[with no product touch-ups]

I haven't suffered from any breakouts whilst I've been using NEARLY NAKED foundation.

I think that this foundation is perfect for those of us who have dry skin, and/or struggle to find drugstore foundations that don't have overly yellow undertones.

£8.99 for a 30ml bottle - Boots and Superdrug.

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