Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mighty, morphing purple ranger; A review of Schwarzkopf Live XXL hair colourant in Cyber Purple

CYBER PURPLE is a tricky colour to describe, and it is tricky to photograph as the colour seems different in various lighting conditions. At it's core it is a dark pinky/purple, but as I said, the shade you will see depends on the light source reflecting on your hair.

The varying shades the colour morphs between remind me of all of the other schwarzkopf purple based shades I've used in the past - Ultra Violet, Dark Violet, Mystic Violet and Glam Rock Black.

I've taken all of the photos on this page - they are of my own hair, solely in CYBER PURPLE, so you can see what I'm trying to say. No colour enhancing software has been used.

My hair still feels and looks glossy and there is no clinging chemical scent to my hair. I've been colouring my hair for over half my life and in the past I've used every other purple/violet shade that Schwarkopf makes, so feel qualified enough to say that this has great staying power for a dye containing purple

Violet shades can fade as quickly as red shades do, but I've personally found the fade to be  minimal  - which surprised me, as the water runs pink after washing my hair for a few weeks after colouring it. That is my only negative for CYBER PURPLE; don't use white towels after showering :)

[CYBER PURPLE is only recommended for use on dark blonde and light/medium brown hair]


  1. Hi! This is really helpful :) I was just wondering what your natural hair colour is? I'm thinking of using this and my hair is dark brown so I don't know if I should bleach it a bit first

    1. you can get a purple shade (same make as described here) that is a shade of purple with a lightening agent in it that does go a shade of purple (i know personally as i've used it when my hair was dark/medium brown ~ although right now im a red shade even though i used the above colour (i think) and didn't go purple really from red so im using the mystic violet)

    2. Sorry I missed your comment; my hair is ashy brown. I think that the dye is't recommended for darker brown hair :(