Monday, 3 December 2012

An apple a day... Sugared Apple candles by Yankee.

SUGARED APPLE is one of Yankee Candles four [for the UK] new Christmas 2012 fragrances and is officially described as "A deliciously sweet apple treat . . . a perfect recipe of juicy apples sprinkled with sugar and vanilla". There's not much else to say, except that there is more sugar and vanilla then apple. I do enjoy the fragrance as it manages to be a perfect balance between sweet and fresh, but it's not something I think of as being overly Christmassy; it is more of a everyday fragrance for autumn/winter.

As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed; I've used some candles where the fragrance burns up before the candle does, but that is not the case here. I don't regret buying my box of tealights, but I don't think I'd buy this particular fragrance again; the scent is quiet and the throw is pretty poor by Yankee's usual standards. It's not a bad candle overall, but it doesn't wow me either.

I personally prefer to use the Yankee tealights; as well as having a stronger fragrance, there's the fact that for the price of a box of 12 scented tealights you get a total of 48 to 72 hours burn-time, so they offer the most value for money. The tealight costs less then 12 tarts or samplers would, so as well as being cheaper - and offering a similar burn time - then either the small jars and tumblers, and over half of the price less then the medium jars or tumblers.

The tealights come in individual clear plastic cups, so you don't have to bother with a tealight holder if you don't have one; just sit the cup on a saucer. Yankee do many special ranges of tealight holders all through the year - many of the decorate models are under £10, and their basic tealight holder can be found online for only £1, so it won't cost as much as buying a tart burner.

And for a final stab at a selling point, I'll add that the tealights float, so you can, umm, float them in your swimming pool - or more likely in a garden pond - during a party.


[A tart is a wickless wax patty, so you'll need to buy a tart burner to be able to use it]
6 - 8 hour burn time - £1.20
Sampler votive
15 - 20 hour burn time - £1.65
Small jar
25 -40 hour burn time - £7.75
Medium jar
65 - 90 hour burn time - £15.99
Tea lights [12 per pack]
4 - 6 hour burn time per candle - £6.99

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