Monday, 9 July 2012

More info on Lady Gaga's Fame...

"Photo from Haus Laboratories of Le Masterpiece FAME: the premiere edition my fragrance, cap is solid metal not plastic. There are 2 versions of fragrance. One is more affordable. The other is Le Masterpiece, larger bottle, metal cap & eau de parfum. My baby! All my fashion fragrance dreams coming true!" - Lady Gaga

"30 dollars for affordable. Over 70 for Le Masterpiece."
So there will be two editions of Fame? Is the cheaper one a EDT and the expensive one a concentrated EDP? Guessing on the prices, I'd say yes, that does sound like the prices of most mass market fragrance releases.

[based on current rates]
$30 = £19
$70 = £45

Then again more concentrated parums tend not to be sold in larger sizes, so baring that in mind I'm guessing that 'Le Masterpiece' is a collectors edition - you know, a limited edition bottle.

Also; the worldwide release date was given as September, but Macy*s customers will begin receiving their pre-ordered bottles one month earlier. Will it be the same for the rest of the world, or is a Macy*s [U.S.] only promotional thing?

finally; A Spanish fan apparently got to buy a bottle [the bottle is being made in Spain] and thinks that Fame is similar to Paco Rabanna Black XS. So you can give XS a sniff to see if Fame is likely to be your cup of tea whilst we wait for the release.

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