Saturday, 14 July 2012

Just a little more about Lady Gaga's Fame...

“Fame is an illusion — if you really want it, anyone can have it”

Eau de parfum:
10ml [rollerball] - $19 [£12]
30ml - $42 [£26]
50ml - $55 [£35]
100ml Ultimate Masterpiece (these words are also printed on the bottle) - $79 [£50]
"The Ultimate Masterpiece is Gaga’s “pure vision” for her scent brand, complete with a heavy, clear glass, egg-shaped bottle and a weighty gold-claw-inspired cap, and a number of doors will be carrying that size exclusively"

Bath and body:
black Soap - $15 [£9] (will be released in August in limited distribution)
black shower gel - $25 for 200 ml [£16] (released by November)
black body lotion - $30 for 200 ml [£19] (on counter in November)

[sources: and Jonr951 at]

The scented soap will be in shops by August? Does that mean that the perfume release date is being pushed up worldwide? Only a little bit longer to wait :)

Be nice to know the prices in British pounds - all I have above is the current rate against US dollars, but [so far] the rough price guide seems reasonable for a EDP.

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