Monday, 6 June 2011

Dear L'Oreal...

Damn - you've fooled me into buying a Glam Shine lipgloss, thanks [in no small part] to the above ad of jennifer Lopez.

That promo ad was displayed in Superdrug next to a display of  Glam Shine Fresh lipglosses [drench your lips in Glam Shine Fresh. L'Oreal presents its first lip gloss enriched with Vitamin C & E. Available in 7 tangy shades, it applies sheer on lips to give a subtle pop of day-glo fresh colour.] and it was printed  that she is wearing 'Aqua Mandarin'.

So I bought one in the same shade and am quite happy with it. All good?

... Not quite. I was in a cleaning mood and was sorting through my old CDs today, and happened to flip through Jennifer's Rebirth album booklet and saw the below photo of her with a grey background.

Jennifer's Rebirth album was released on 1st March 2005, and despite some photoshop trickery, the shots look very similar. I might say I was being overly suspicious, that the pictures are just similar not from the same session - but then I remembered when Chezza Cheryl Tweedy Cole first started campaigns for L'Oreal's Full Restore 5 haircare range and when L'Oreal did finally acknowledge her hair extentions, their disclaimer on ads stated they were natural.... Cheryl wears acylic extentions.

So my question today is: how can Jennifer Lopez be wearing a newly released L'Oreal lipgloss in your ads, when she seems to be wearing it in a six year old photo?

How are customers supposed to believe brands when they do things like this?

Rant over...

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