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Review: Purse Spray set by Project D

Advantages: Reasonable price, good packaging, good size, good lasting power, Gorgeous bottle, very versatile
Disadvantages: None for me

These sprays have recently been released to compliment the PROJECT D self-named signature EDP. The key scent notes from that have been broken down into these three bottles in their natural form. Dawn takes the key 'top' notes, Day is comprised of most of the 'heart' notes whilst Dusk uses the original base notes.

Dawn 'Ready to Inspire'
I love the neroli-lead opening to Dawn; It's very spicy, yet a bit bitter and vaguely spicy. If it lasted longer it would be my favourite fragrance in the set.

The bergamot is also citrussy so blends in nicely and within ten minutes the warmth and spice vanishes and the fragrance becomes fresh and green. The ylang ylang isn't sweet here, instead it's quite musky/mossy and is very long lasting.

However, the longest lasting scent note here is the geranium, which is sort of a cross between the bergamot and the ylang ylang - it's bitter and mossy. At first I disliked Dawn because of the long lasting geranium note, but now I like the kick it gives it.

Day 'Ready to Intrigue'

Day opens with a brief burst of daisy. Lots of people say that daisy doesn't have a scent but it does, but it's quite faint and hard to describe; Once again I'm going to say mossy and heady.

The light daisy note dies down within the first few minutes so the headyness of it isn't a problem. The mimosa quickly develops and adds a vaguely fruity sweetness, as is the osmanthus. The combination reminds me a bit of tangerines - sweet, vaguely citrussy, but with zest.

I don't usually like tuberose, but as it's not artificial I really surprised myself by liking it. Considering that it's in it's pure form here it isn't as strong as I was expecting, though it does add more sweetness. It outlasts the other scent notes and becomes almost creamy as it slowly burns down.

Dusk 'Ready to Ignite'

The first scent that I notice is the musk, it is strong masculine and slightly salty. Like with the tuberose I normally don't like musky perfumes, but it doesn't artificial or plastic here and as the rest of this perfume is soft and feminine I love the contrast with the masculine start. Most musk in perfumes used in perfume is artificial nowadays, but it does seem natural.

The sandelwood develops almost as quickly as the musk and has a noticeable woodsy scent to it, which seems somewhat spicy.I'm not used to sandalwood actually smelling like a wood so this is a pleasant surprise. It's sort of familiar to cederwood and adds to the short-lived masculine opening.

I'm not sure what amber oil is, maybe it's a fancy term for vegetal amber (resin from tree sap), but it is more or less the same as artificial amber - a soft and creamy vanilla based scent. Not that it a bad thing; The difference between the opening and the drydown in Dusk is the most noticeable between the set, so Dusk is definitely my favourite.

I've not managed to discover which perfume house has produced this set. Both the bottles and the presentation box only bare the Project D information.

- - - - - - - - -
Scent notes
- - - - - - - - -

Bergamot, Geranium, Neroli and Ylang Ylang.

Tuberose, Daisy, Japanese Osmanthus and Mimosa.

Sandalwood, Skin Musks, and hot Amber oils.

- - - - - - - - -
The bottles
- - - - - - - - -

The glass bottles are teardrop shaped and gold capped, with the name and a silhouette of a woman printed on them in black. The bottle for Dawn is coloured opal, Day is a soft pink and Dusk is a dusky rose.

The perfumes are housed in a flip lid, hardbacked card presentation box, which has a clear window on the lid. Normally I'm not fussed by the box as it just goes into the recycle bin, but I've not thrown this one out. The lid is also decorated with the same silhouette as the bottles and is coloured the same gradient shades of pink as the bottles. I'll save the box to use for keeping stamps or coupons together.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Other buying considerations
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was really impressed by the staying power for both Dawn and Day. Being made using less ingredients and using natural ingredients without any artificial 'help', I wasn't expecting much, so I was really surprised to note that they both last for around six hours.

Dusk has the shortest 'life'; It burns out within three to four hours.

If you layer two of use all three you'll get around eight hours wear.

This set is something that can be worn all year round as it's up to you how you prefer to wear your fragrances. I'll personally amp up the Dawn in hotter weather and be more generous with Dusk as it gets colder.

As it's a mix and match that's suitable to wear all year round it's a given that they are also suitable to be worn at any time of day or night. Personally I go for Dawn or Dusk lead mixes for work as they last longer and are 'fresher', whilst I love the 'come closer' aspect to Dusk in the evenings.

- - - - - - - - - -
My opinion
- - - - - - - - - -

This set is perfect for if you don't live near a store which stocks the Project D perfume and would need to order in untested - if you layer all three fragrances in this set at once you'll get a fairly close interpretation of it. And even if you find that you don't like the full effect there are still many ways to wear these; either individually or by using two at a time. Or you can wear them with any other perfume you own.

As well as being incredibly versatile the perfumes are great for touch ups on-the-go. The bottles are 10ml each, so can be easily slipped into the smallest of handbags or a pocket. The other nice thing about the small sizes is that there is no chance of becoming bored by the perfume. I wish other brands had similar sizes.

Finally; As you can see by the price below this is a inexpensive set to buy [£25 for 3 10ml bottles]. You often pay the same price - or higher - for a EDT that burns out within three hours, but for this cheap price you get three bottles of a higher-end brand name perfume, which is fairly exclusive, very versatile and has great lasting power. What is there not to love?

If you want to buy somebody a fragrance for Christmas but are not sure what to go for, I'd strongly consider this; there is something for most tastes here.

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