Thursday, 15 March 2018

Catch the Wave edp [by Hollister]...

Are you looking for an aquatic fragrance for the spring and summer seasons? Don't look at the fragrance with an aquatic name and box with an image of the pacific ocean on - the inspiration for the Wave perfume is actually the Californian sunset, which makes me question why the sky on the box seems to be of a sunrise, with calm pastel shades... 

I admit that I only bought Wave as when you got the £22 30ml bottle in The Perfume Shop, you also got a £17 baseball cap free; since I get migraines and several headaches per week, I'm fond of covering my head & shielding my eyes in warmer weather to ward off the sun, and I quite fancied a new cap for the new year... 

Shall we see how well this impulsive blind buy has gone?

Wave applies freshly sweet and juicy. There is something green and leafy alongside the sweet-but-fresh citrus based fruits, and it's annoying me that I can't place it. Underneath the freshness is a note that reminds me a bit of not-to-sweet powdery marshmallow-type accord sometimes used in other fragrances [the herb & marshmallow mix in Christina Aguilera Royal Desire was my first thought], that comes and goes throughout Wave's wear - has Wave got a hint of vanilla, or is it their version of an amber accord?

The floral notes are clean to the point that I'd almost describe them as being soapy; other perfumes that I have/had/tested which contain hibiscus have also been clean, but there is no orchid or poppy on me. I'll wager that there is orange blossom and bergamot in here too, and maybe neroli.

My favourite part of Wave is the solar accords that develop with the floral notes and linger throughout wave's 6 hour average wear time. I'm not sure how best to describe the 'solar' accords; it's like when clothes come out of a dryer and the fibers are all warm, it's more of a feeling of mild heat than a distinguishable scent. A simple blend of musk and sandalwood accompanies the solar accords for the final drydown.

Official scent notes: blackberries, quince, starfruit, hibiscus, orchid, poppy, sandalwood, amber and solar accords.

I can't think of anything negative about Wave; I don't dislike any of the scent notes used and the solar accord is interesting, the longevity is decent for the price and it is an easy fragrance to find.  I'm really enjoying my bottle and I highly recommend testing it when you come across it, as the fresh-clean-warm composition is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. 
 The inoffensiveness and easy wearabilty of it, make Wave a good gift option too.

30ml - £22
50ml - £29
100ml - £39

I'll link to The Perfume Shop, as they still have the gift-with-purchase offer of the free cap.
Other popular retailers of fragrances like Boots, Superdrug and The Fragrance Store sell the women's and men's Wave fragrance lines both instore and online, although the Hollister site doesn't and the stock in the Hollister store near me comes and goes randomly.

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