Monday, 22 January 2018

Yeah, baby, she's got the Venus eyeshadow palette [by Lime Crime]...

Hello guys, welcome to a new year [well, not so new now that we're at the end of the month]. I'm kicking of my blog for 2018 by... doing the same kind of reviews I spent most of the past few months posting 😆  
What can I say - I've just really been into eyeshadows recently. I am prone to depression and anxiety, so find applying my makeup before I start my day centering and calming as it's my quiet time when I plan my day in my head. 
Anyway; I think it's beyond the time to check out the palette that kick-started the warm toned eyeshadow trend, so lets jump in and start a new year of blogging with the Venus palette from Lime Crime...

The Venus palette contains eight powder eyeshadows, in shades inspired by Botticelli's classical painting crossed with 90s grunge...

VENUS: Eggplant (velvet matte), SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow), AURA: Golden ivory (glow), CREATION: Rust brown (matte), ICON: Dirt brown (matte pearl), REBIRTH: Nectarine (matte), DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte) and MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte).

This is me in a palette; the classical-with-a-grungy-edge theme, the neutral/warm selection of shades picked and range of finishes used represent my favourite and most-worn looks, so if I ever got to make an eyeshadow palette, something almost identical to the Venus palette is what I'd come up with. There are only eight shades in the palette, but the pricing is reasonable enough to excuse this, especially considering the awesome product quality. The powders are a pleasure to work with; they apply and blend like butter, don't fade over the course of the day [no primer] and I've never had any creasing. 

I adore using the Venus palette [I have other palettes that were meant to be in my November mini-series, but I keep using this one so haven't worn the others enough to review yet], but I'll be strict with myself and point out that these types of shades and finishes aren't particularly unique nowadays. However as mentioned above, the product quality is so good and the pricing is reasonable, that - for me - this niggle is nullified. 

That's it for today - I honestly can't think of anything else to add without it becoming pointless padding. I love it and highly recommend this palette to people who like wearing warmer shades.

You can buy the Venus palette from Cult Beauty for £28 [free post].
This is who I ordered it from 

The Lime Crime site ships world-wide.

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