Saturday, 11 November 2017

Go big, or go home: The Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition 21 Color Eyeshadow And Highlighter Palette by BH Cosmetics...

Welcome to part two of my 'perfect for Christmas gift ideas' shuffle through my unreviewed makeup palettes...

As previously mentioned, this year it seems as though big brands have just reused the same product shades over and over for their Christmas beauty launches, just dressing them up in different fancy packaging [eg TooFaced, Tarte & Benefit], and this is where I take a closer look at a great value palette now stocked on a UK site, that may have gotten overlooked in the avalanche of Christmas releases, instead of buying a 'new' festive-release palette.

The new Deluxe Edition of the Carli Bybel palette takes eight eyeshadows and three highlighters from the original Carli Bybel palette, and adds in seven new eyeshadows and three new highlight shades. The shade selection for this this palette is really 'yum' and I can tell that a lot of thought went into this palette; the shades are wearable practical-but-pretty 'everyday' shades, that are easy to dress up for night/free time. The shades can be worn on all skin tones and they actually compliment each other - this is one of the few palettes I own where I can say that I'll use every single colour regularly. The pigmentation of the products in this palette is good, and everything wears well on my drier skin - there is some kickup when I dip my brushes into the pans, but that is something that never really bothers me as long as the powders apply and performs well.

* The eyeshadows don't swatch very well, but as you can see on my below demo, they apply to the eye and blend out much better.

The fifteen eyeshadow shades [in a nice mix of matte, microglitter and shimmer] are a medley of nude, peach, bronze, copper, mauve, brown, plum and burgundy. I'm an autumnal girl, so the changing-and-falling-leaves colour palette screams "get me on your face now", but I think the shades are appealing in any season. The shades are all earthy and warm toned, but it's more of a sepia-warm rather than a toasty beam of colour, so I feel that you could wear everything with you have a neutral/cooler-leaning skintone. I think that the shades picked are universally flattering, that [going off online swatch photos] can be worn on all skintones.

Underneath the eyeshadows there are two larger pans of shimmery highlight, in a peachy nude, and a champagne-based nude. Below those there are four smaller highlight pans in opal, pinky nude and 2 more bronzy-based nude tones. I love that they're nice, light-catching and glowy, but are not too overloaded with shimmer. On my fair skin two of the highlights come of as more bronzy/blush type shades, but they are still very wearable in place of blush and bronzer if used with a light hand. I can also use the highlights as eyeshadow, so I'm definitely getting my monies worth as they're not sitting untouched in the palette.
My only complaint with the Deluxe palette is that it makes the original pretty much obsolete [I've given my original one to a family member, as I hadn't used it since getting this, so I can't get any personal comparison photos - sorry]. I definitely think that the Deluxe palette should have used less of the original shades in favour of including more new shades, so the two palettes could have complimented each other; it is only two eyeshadows and one highlighter from the original palette that haven't been carried over into the Deluxe one, and those shades have look-a-likes here. The original palette was so hard to get hold of when it was released, so it's a waste to have it be useless if you choose to upgrade. 
I'd never heard of Carli Bybel before I'd bought the original Carli Bybel palette, so having certain name on the palette doesn't sway my opinion one way or the other; I wanted this because I knew that I really enjoyed the first palette, and would be sure to use the products regularly this time around too, as the powders are so easy to work with and come in shades that can be worn all year round & can be worn on any occasion. 
An added plus this time around is that the products don't have that plasticy smell that they had in the original palette. 
The shadows are cruelty free and vegan.

BH Cosmetics are sold on the BeautyBay site. The Deluxe palette is £22, and at the minute the original Carli Bybel palette is still in stock - at a clearance price of £12.60.

In the photo to the right, I'm wearing shadow E4 as a blush [as recommended by EmilyNoel83], and highlighter H5 as a bronzer.

I'm also wearing Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony foundation in Light Ivory, Maybelline Instant Ae Rewind concealer in Fair, Victoria's Secret Definition mascara, and Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick and Everlasting lipliner in A-Go-Go. 

Eyeshadow combo and highlight as listed above.

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