Saturday, 5 August 2017

Is it worth going [koko]nuts over? The Koko Kollection Face Palette by Kylie Cosmetics...

I'm late jumping onto a trendy brand, but here we are... 
I actually have a few Kylie Cosmetics items now, but have never reviewed them as her collections that had items that appealed to me were extremely limited edition, so by the time things arrived to me [between two and three weeks] and I'd tried them enough times to review, they'd gone forever. Also; the products I have are all on the 'meh' side; not too bad so I felt as though I had to warn people about throwing their money away, but not anything good enough to make me excited about and eager to share.
I've now got something that is still available to buy, so the question has become "is this face palette going to buck the 'meh' trend for me?"

Rodeo Drive is the blush in the palette, and is the largest amount [8.5g]. It is described as "a warm pink satin", and I actually really like it. I have the Kylie's Diary (Valentines 2017) palette which has two blushes in which I enjoy, but this blush has better pigmentation. The colour is something that I think would look nice on everyone - a nice healthy flush. If it gets released on it's own, I'd consider buying it again.

Troop Beverly Hills [shimmering soft gold] and 90210 [shimmering golden peach] are highlighters, that both come in at 4.5g. Both shades are warm`in tone, and contain golden shimmer [90210 has a heavier amount of shimmer in], so I'd warn people with cooler skintones to buy with caution. They are far from being the worst highlighters out there, but I just expect and want a bit more for my money - the shades look too similar once applied, and the shimmer in them migrates all over my face during the day - and I do set my makeup with setting spray. Overall; I can easily find better highlighters for less money and hassle, so these are a miss.

For me, the biggest disappointment in the palette is the Hollywood Blvd bronzer [7.5g]. It is described as having a satin formula, but there are a few specks of microglitter in it, which is an instant turn off for me - even though the shade does work pretty well for me, I can't overlook those pesky specks of sparkle. The depth of the shade is similar to Benefit Hoola, but it is warmer, so it is too warm in tone for people with cool skintones, and too light in shade for people with deep skintones; I know it'd be almost impossible to find a bronzer that is universal, but I still think they could have done better, or have had two smaller pans like they did with the highlights. Basically; if you don't have a fair to medium complexion with yellow undertones, then you're immediately cut off from a significant portion of the palette. If you have the skintone to pull it off, then it is a good quality - decent pigmentation and long wearing.

To be fair, I didn't feel that this item was too overpriced, like I feel the other stuff that I've tried from the brand has been - for the amount of product [25g], improving formulation, and the prettier-than-her-other-stuff packaging, I think $40 is pretty comparable to other brands. Of course, postage and import taxes bump the price up, but I knew what I was getting myself into. Personally I wouldn't buy this again since I'm not keen on the shimmer in the highlighters and bronzer, but there has been a noticeable increase in the brand's overall quality, so instead of say to avoid this, I'd say that people who can pull off the bronzer shade and like more shimmery highlights might like this palette.

You can order the palette from the Kylie Cosmetics site for $40. 
International shipping is $15 or free when you spend over $60.
The parcel will be delivered to your nearest postal delivery office [or regular post office if you live in a remote area] and you'll need to pay import taxes - my parcel contents were $64 and I paid around £12.

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