Sunday, 14 May 2017

NOTD: Crown Of Thistles by A-England...

Today I sharing one of my successful explorations into the world of indie nail polishes; A-England [stands for Alchemy England] a UK cruelty and 3-free brand.
Today's spotlight shade is Crown Of Thistles, which is from the 2014 Elizabeth And Mary collection and is still available to buy on the site today - I think that the collections on the A England site are permanent ones [fingers crossed, as there are loads of shades I want to get]. 

Mmmm; look at that shade, and the holographic sparkles...

Crown Of Thistles has a violet-toned purple base, that is filled with scattered holographic shimmer. If I were a nail polish, this is what I'd like to be...

My first A-England polish was Saint George, and this is the violet version - the finish and formula is the same excellent quality as that scattered holo polish. As well as the shade being stunning, the formula is the perfect balance between thick and thin and is pigmented enough to be opaque in one coat - though I prefer to apply at least two coats of any polish for better wear. The formula is buttery smooth, self-levelling, fast drying, hard wearing, and topcoat doesn't dull the holo [I'm currently using a Essence one, but my Nails inc one worked well with it too]. 
It's another fabulous clean-up job. Bad eyesight + unsteady hands = I sometimes have to wonder why I make these kinds of posts. Oh yeah; I love painting my nails, it's de-stressing and relaxing. I'm not a professional, so who cares if I mess up sometimes?

You can buy Crown Of Thistles from Nail Polish Direct [£9 + free p&p] or the A-England site [£11 + free p&p]

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