Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Heads Up: the Ulta-exclusive Too Faced Merry Macarons palette is in Debenhams stores...

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the Too Faced eyeshadow palette - Merry Macarons - that is exclusive to Ulta cosmetic stores in America, can actually be found in Debenham stores over here - so no need to pay those sky-high prices on eBay, Amazon and such.

My local Debenhams is small and doesn't stock Too Faced, and the palette has only just been added to their site in the last day, so it was a lovely surprise when I went to a larger store recently and saw it. Even better is the £28 price tag, which makes this palette £18 cheaper than the Grande Hotel Cafe palette that is also available for £46 [it's vanished from the site, but there were loads in the store I went to].

Keep on reading for swatches and my first impressions...

Coconut (matte warm beige), Dulce De Leche (matte caramel brown), Banana Cream (champagne shimmer), Almond Mocha (matte dark taupe), Champagne Rose (golden pink shimmer), Mint Chocolate (matte dusty purple), Tiramisu (matte soft fawn), Chocolate Raspberry (amethyst shimmer)

Praline (warm gold shimmer), Honey Lavender (pale mauve shimmer), Violet Cassis (vibrant orchid shimmer), Cookies & Cream (matte black w/ silver sparkle)

I love the colour combination used - very wearable shades, and they all work well together. I think that this will make a good all year round palette.

The vanilla-scented shadows come in a nice mix of matte and shimmers, the formula is nicely pigmented, and the shadows apply and wear well. I always expect Too Faced's card packaged shadow palettes to be of a slightly lower quality than their airtight tin ones as the formula is a bit different, but Merry Macarons surprised me with how soft the powder feels.

The shades remind me of the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette, so if you love that palette and want something similar, or wanted that palette and couldn't get it, then Merry Macarons is your answer.

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