Friday, 6 June 2014

Feeling Blue: Crazy Color semi-permanent hair dye in Capri Blue (44) and Bubblegum Blue (63) by Renbow...

I tried to be clever here by adding some lighter Bubblegum Blue sections in with the darker/brighter Capri Blue I used over most of my hair, mainly so I could test and review two shades at once, but also because I didn't trust using the pastel shade alone after my experience using my other pastel shade Candy Floss.

Using freshly shampooed and towel dried hair I first applied the Capri Blue Shade to my hair and massaged it in, leaving a few random sections of blonde hair uncovered. I then went back over my hair and carefully covered the loose blonde sections in the Bubblegum Blue Shade. I decided to leave the mixture in my hair for longer then I did the last two times that I used Crazy Color dyes to let it all soak in properly, so I waited two hours before rinsing the dye from my hair [only using water]...

See the results after the jump.

Freshly applied

With Flash

Without flash

after 6 washes

With Flash

Without flash

after 10 washes


Despite taking care to only use this pale shade on non-brassy sections of my bleached blonde hair, it still looked more yellowish green than blue. Even if the dye did mix itself up with the Capri shade, since when does blue + blue = green?

Even though it wasn't what I expected [or originally wanted] I did like how it looked combined with the other shade, as the sections of lighter color toned down the intensity of the Capri a bit. However it's not a shade I'd like to wear alone.

after the first five washes I began to notice a few blonde pieces of hair poking through the green/blue dye; not enough to photograph or see from a distance, but as I wasn't keen on the colour anyway it was enough to make me give this shade a thumbs down. 

 Using two shades of dye at once means that I can't tell when the dye starts to fade though to blonde if it was worn alone. Judging by the even fade in the photos I'm going to put the wear time in the same catigory aCyclamen, so this shade gets thumbs up from me.

Overall this is a good quality shade which looks very similar to the various swatch photos available online, I'm just not sure what I thinabout me with blue hair.

RRP: £4 for 100ml

I bought mine from Amazon UK as nowhere stocks Renbow near me, it was £2.55 + £1.50. Amazon [and a dozen different third-party sellers on the site] stock all of the colours, including shades that are no longer in production, by Renbow. Some of the most popular shades are also sold in packs of three and four, for further savings.

Sites such as EbayBlue Banana and Crazy Color also sell it, as do many beauty supply stores and alternative fashion stores.

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