Sunday, 14 July 2013

Orly Halloween 2013 collection...

Hmm. I don't really pay attention to Orly releases as I'm not a big fan, and it doesn't look like their 2013 Halloween collection is going to change my opinion...

A) I personally already own near-dupes to the shades.
B) Aside from Melt Your Popsicle, the shades are released by Orly every Halloween.
C) And Melt Your Popsicle isn't new new; it's a re-promoted shade from a past Summer collection.

  • Liquid Vinyl – black creme
  • Goth – black/silver glitter
  • Melt Your Popsicle – fluorescent orange creme
  • Orange Punch – bright orange crème
  • [Pics from]

    Not only are Orly repeating themselves, but black and orange?! Too obvious. No doubt almost every low priced nail polish brand will release similar shades, so can't a more upmarket brand be a little bit more creative?

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