Monday, 1 April 2013

My opinion of Pulse NYC perfume by Beyonce and Coty...

I quite like the original Pulse, so I was keen to try this. After what seemed like forever a store near me finally received stock, so was the wait worth it?

Nope. All I get from PULSE NYC is a mild and watery mix of raspberries and pear, followed quickly by a unidentifiable powdered floral notes. This soggy fruit salad is rounded of with a hint of buttery vanilla.

Scent notes; raspberries, pears, pomegranate, jasmine, peony, orchids, red velvet cupcakes and patchouli.

The staying power is non-existent, which is why I've been unable to write a detailed review. Within half an hour of application I couldn't smell a thing - no, I'm not exaggerating. A real shame - I'd been looking forward to trying it since it was announced last year.

Whilst I'm not keen on the earlier Heat editions I don't find them unlikable, plus Pulse was nice and Midnight Heat was a very pleasant surprise, so this sudden nosedive in the quality came as a shock. PULSE NYC is something I'd expect Kylie Minogue/Coty to come out with.

Pulse NY is sold in a 50ml bottle and is exclusive to The Fragrance Shop.
The RRP is £30, but I believe that it is currently being sold for around £15.

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