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Review: Pop Pink Sparkle EDT by Kylie Minogue


Advantages: low price, for women of any age, easy to wear,
Disadvantages: Only suitable for warmer weather, below average lasting power, unoriginal, hard to find.

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The fragrance
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My sister's boyfriend saw my cast-off bottle of Pink Sparkle on my sister's dresser, so when she had used it up he bought her Pop Pink Sparkle to replace it [we think that he thought it was the same perfume]. My sister isn't keen on this version however, so she has passed on to me.

No, I'm not sure why. After all, I did give her my bottle of Pink Sparkle because I didn't think that it is anything special. She must be having a clear-out and unloading stuff on everyone. But anyway, on to the perfume...

On first application the fragrance is slightly sweet thanks to the peach, but the tart apple note livens it up and keeps the sweetness to a minimum. The pepper slightly spices up the fruit notes and gives the perfume a sharp bite. I could immediately tell that I would prefer this over the quiet original Pink Sparkle as it is already louder and has nice contrasts to it.

A touch of the apple lingers and carries down into the heart, whilst the sweet peach and spicy pepper notes sadly fade away in less then ten minutes [usually within just five minutes]. After the surprisingly lively top notes I have to say that I'm not overjoyed by the floral notes; they are clean and airy, but they never seem to develop fully. In fact the only floral note I can place with any certainty is the gardenia, which I don't usually like, but is actually quite enjoyable here as it's lighter then it usually is when used in perfumes. Apart from the gardenia I think I can pick up on a hint of rose, but can't tell for sure - everything else is lost in a soft jumble. A shame as I love the scent of the tiare flower and I don't think that I have any perfumes which contain marigold, so that would have been great too.

The base is the biggest letdown for me; I've never used a perfume with ragweed in it before, but the sandalwood is so strong that it completely drowns out everything else, except for a breeze of musk. There is a slight vanilly sweetness in the base, but yeah, that probably IS vanilla. The whole musk/sandalwood/vanilla base in perfumes has been flogged to death and beyond, can we have something a little bit different please?

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Scent notes
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Pink pepper, green apple, white peach, gardenia, tiare flower, English marigold, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, musk and ragweed.

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The bottle
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I can see how my sister's boyfriend got mixed up; the bottles for Pink Sparkle and POP PINK SPARKLE are the same. The bottle glass is clear to show off the pink juice and it has a cord pattern embossed around it, mimicking vintage champagne bottles.

The only difference between the bottles for Pink Sparkle and POP PINK SPARKLE is the cap; this time the cap is silver [Pink Sparkle uses pale gold] and shaped like a stopper on a champagne bottle.

POP PINK SPARKLE is only available in a 30ml bottle.

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Other buying considerations
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As this is a Kylie/Coty collaboration it's no surprise that the staying power is poor, even for a mass market EDT. POP PINK SPARKLE wears as through it were a body spray - the scent notes are a bit too light, making the staying power poor for the price. After only three hours or so, I struggle to get more then a brief whiff of sandalwood.

I think that this is best suited to use for day wear - both casual wear and for work. Some people may think that it's too sweet for work, but I think the delicate florals break up the sweetness of the peach and vanilla enough so that the fragrance doesn't seem too young. I don't wear this in the evening, as it's too mild and doesn't last long enough for nights out; the bottle may be small, but I don't want to carry my bottle around for touch ups on the go.

My sister gave me my bottle when it was colder and I wasn't overjoyed by the fragrance at first. I thought that it was a passable perfume, but the EDT concentration and scent notes are all way too mild for colder weather; I couldn't smell any of the individual floral notes in colder weather and after an hour I struggled to smell anything at all. So yeah, this is limited to the spring/summer months for me. I'm wondering if this is actually meant to be a limited edition summer perfume, as I've never seen it in any stores. If you see it anywhere and like it I'd buy an extra bottle, just in case.

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My opinion
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Pink Sparkle was inspired by and named after pink champagne, so they've stuck with that theme again here and I have to say that the sharp fruit and fresh florals in POP PINK SPARKLE is more reminiscent of champagne - even though Pink Sparkle actually did contain champagne accords [I should say supposedly, as I couldn't pick any champagne notes out of it].

I'm at loss to explain why my sister gave me her bottle; although this edition is a bit sharper and cleaner, it's not wildly different to the original Pink Sparkle. There isn't anything to dislike in POP PINK SPARKLE, but at the end of the day it is just another safe and generic Kylie Minogue EDT, that follows the same old blueprint as her past fragrances: a mix of fruit, underdeveloped florals and a musk infused base. Nice, but nothing new and it is to expensive as it wears like a body spray.

I'll continue to use this bottle happily enough as it's only small, but this is not something I'd buy for myself, as it is just like every other generic fragrance out there.

I just have to complain about the name; it conjures up visions of Hello Kitty, Care Bears and My Little Pony, so adult customers just pass this on by. It's certainly not a name that I'd chose for a fragrance [especially one fronted by a woman in her forties], and this might be part of the reason that many stores have now stopped selling Pink Sparkle and her past fragrances.

I really don't know why my sister gave her bottle away [I'm now convinced that she's having some sort of clear-out]. I think that this would make a good gift choice; it's mild and unoffensive, so while the recipient may not end up loving it they won't find anything disagreeable about it.

I also see POP PINK SPARKLE as being wearable for women of any age.

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30ml: £21

I believe that POP PINK SPARKLE is exclusive to The Fragrance Shop, as I've never seen it before.

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