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Review: Love & Glamour EDP by Jennifer Lopez


Advantages: Reasonable price, easy to wear, striking bottle...
Disadvantages: Only suitable for warmer weather, below average lasting power, unoriginal, availability.

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The fragrance
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Actress/singer Jennifer Lopez was one of the first celebrities to release her own fragrance [she had a fashion range - J.Lo - going at the time] and to be fair she really is a 'celebrity', unlike many of the other D listers who have followed in her wake with perfumes of their own.

Lets tick her perfume releases so far off; The first was Glow and it's millions of limited edition flankers [I think there has been seven so far], Still [I think was her nicest and most unique], Live and it's two limited flankers [Live Luxe and Live Platinum], Deseo, Deseo for Men [I keep seeing this in TJ Maxx], Deseo Forever [Asian market exclusive] and LOVE & GLAMOUR.

LOVE AND GLAMOUR is pure sweet citrus for the first five minutes or so: I can't pick out the mandarin, guava or nectarine, it's all one long sweet-but-fresh note. I like that the tops notes mingle together into one long note that leans more towards fresh then sweet on me, since I'm wearing LOVE & GLAMOUR now that the weather is booking up. After all who wants to wear a fragrance that's heavy and sweet when it's hot and sticky outside?

The jasmine is thankfully sheer and is almost hidden by the lingering citrus, if it was too strong it would clash with the sweetish fruit top notes and be a migraine trigger puller. In fact ALL of the florals appear underdeveloped in this fragrance, so the only other floral I can place with any certainty is the orange blossom. Sometimes when I wear this I think I can make out a hint of waterlily, but I can't be sure that I'm just imagining it because I know that it's meant to be there. Sometimes I can catch a hint of coconut water, but it's very mild and comes and goes.

The base is a big letdown for me; The sandalwood is so strong that it completely drowns out everything else, except for a breeze of musk. Jennifer Lopez has said in the press that she asked for more sandalwood to be added to make the fragrance sexier, but I don't find it sexy at all - it makes everything flat and one dimensional. Considering the strength of the sandalwood, I was surprised by how quickly LOVE & GLAMOUR goes close to the skin.

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Official scent notes
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Italian mandarin, guava, nectarine pulp, water lily, coconut, orchid, orange blossom absolute, jasmine petals, sandalwood, sensual musk and amber.

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The bottle
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I don't know how to describe the bottle, other then as a semi-melted Academy award. It is eye-catching, I'll give it that. I have the 75ml bottle and I've lost count of the number of times it has toppled from the dresser and chased by the cats across the room, due to the bottle being tall with a small base. Still; It hasn't smashed [yet], so at least I know that the glass is hard wearing.

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Other buying considerations
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This wears as through it were a body spray made for hotter weather - the scent notes are light, making the staying power poor for the price. After only four hours or so, I struggle to get more then a brief whiff of orange blossom and sandalwood.

This is a spring/summer fragrance only - the freshness of the fruit notes, underdeveloped florals and skin musk just don't work in the colder months, maybe it's just my nose but in winter it is just guava and sandalwood scented water. I got my bottle for Christmas and dutifully wore it a few times before shoving it into a drawer and forgetting about it for a few months. I almost swapped it, but thankfully held on to it for trying in warmer weather.

It's fine for daytime wear as it's fresh but sweet and light, so I'd say this is more of a girlie-but-casual accompaniment to jeans and a tee, rather then a sexy/grown up/statement/smart-wear/special occasion fragrance. I have worn it for work and received compliments on it, but it didn't feel right, don't ask me why. it just didn't.

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My opinion
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This is a nice-but-not-unique fruity/floral, that is best suited to a sunny spring/summer day so I don't know why it was released in the festive lead-up in America. I can't find anything on a official release date over here yet, but all of the past Jennifer Lopez brand fragrances have had a UK release so I guess that Coty are waiting for the summer.

There's nothing that I dislike this fragrance and will continue to use my 75ml bottle as it was a Christmas gift, but it's not something I'd buy for myself, as it is just like every other generic fragrance out there. Another thing; I can't see how this represents glamour. Not a huge issue really, but how did they come up with the name - pulls phases from a hat?

Overall; I think that if you enjoy Jennifer's Glow fragrance you'll like this too, as the soft florals and skin musk are similar to it; it seems very clean, almost soapy to me, rather then the Hollywood glam image the makers were hoping for.

If you're looking for a gift for someone who wears any of the other Jennifer Lopez perfumes this would be a safe choice. It's too mild to be disagreeable and isn't something that smells 'young' or 'old'.

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RRP Price
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50ml: £26 [£20 on Cheapsmells.co.uk]
75ml: £36 [£29 on Cheapsmells.co.uk]

I don't remember seeing any 30ml bottles in Macy's, which is unusual for a Jennifer Lopez/Coty release, so maybe they'll offer some in the UK launch as the smaller sizes usually sell better.
Summary: A middle of the road release.

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