Thursday, 15 June 2017

New fragrance: Katy Perry's Indi edp by Katy Perry...

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Just the other day I was actually wondering if Katy Perry would be releasing a new fragrance to go along with her new album [Witness] and new TV role [American Idol judge], and here is the new press release from Coty.

The good news is that it seems like we are getting the more 'grown up' fragrance we were promised when Katy first signed with Coty back in 2013 and left the cat shaped perfume bottles from her Jigsaw Perfumes era behind...

With IndiKaty Perry wanted to make a modern musk scent, described as mellow, energetic and sensual, which contains eleven kinds of musk at its foundation. This is not the first musk-centered composition of her collection; Mad Potion from 2015, one of her perfumes under license with Coty, offers a sweet, vanilla - musky composition. Indi is composed to be a more mature version of musk, complemented by fresh, floral, woodsy and oriental notes.

Top notes: white tea, oriental plum, Italian bergamot

Heart: lily of the valley, cyclamen, white cedar
Base: amber, tonka bean, 11 kinds of musk
[press release via Fragrantica]

Eleven different kinds of musk?! And it can be safely assumed that they'll be synthetic musk accords. 
Maybe the tea and cedar can save it, but my stomach has already started to turn a bit at the thought of that much fake musk - I don't like musk much at the best of times, and this sounds like way too much of a bad [to me] thing. I'm trying to keep an open mind til I try it. But yeah, it doesn't seem too promising when typed out... 

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