Thursday, 19 November 2015

Buy the Ciate Mini Mani Month 2015 advent calendar half price in TK Maxx...

"Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month is the ultimate holiday beauty haul, packed with 17 mini paint pot polishes , three mini nail treatments to pamper nails for longer lasting mani’s, and two decorative nail toppers to put you in the party mood! You’ll also find our mini Crystal Nail file plus a full size Paint Pot in an EXCLUSIVE SHADE"

Just a quick post to let people know that I found the Mini Mani Month 2015 advent calendar by Ciate in TK Maxx for £25 (they also have the 2014 ones for £20). The calendar is currently being sold for £49 on the Ciate website, and in stores like Boots - I almost bought it on the last get-£10-worth-of-points-for-every-£50-you-spend Xmas shopping event at Boots, so am so glad that I waited.

Read on for a list of contents...

5ml - polishes in Heirloom (duochrome purple/gold), Check Mate (monochrome square glitter), Pom Pom (coral), Cutie Pie (sheer pink), Snow Globe (holographic glitter), Ahoy Sailor (turquoise), Life’s a Peach (peach), A List (duochrome purple), Double Bubblegum (lilac), Raspberry Collins (fuchsia), Birthday Blue (chrome blue), Shady Lady (gunmetal chrome), Purple Rain-bow (purple holographic glitter), Dangerous Affair (Deep Red), Prima Ballerina (greige), Hutch (classic red), and Cookies & Cream (cream nude)

14ml - polish in Rom Com Rouge (red glitter) 
5ml - nail toppers in Chalet Chic (holographic white loose glitter)
 and Miracle on 34th (gold loose glitter)
5ml - Nail Gym
(Nail Strengthener Treatment)
5ml - Bloom Boost
(Nail Illuminator Treatment)
5ml - Knight in Shining Armour (Overnight Nail Mask Treatment)
Glass Nail File (mini)

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