Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New fragrance: Spring Reign edp by Katy Perry...

This spring will see the release of Spring Reign; Katy Perry's fourth fragrance release under Coty (Purr and Meow were released by Jigsaw).

The composition for Spring Reign is officially described as belonging to the floral-oriental family. Coty promise that the new fragrance is delicate and fresh, and conveys the feeling of the rebirth of spring and blooming flowers in a lush garden, when you can feel the scents of pink freesia and black currant flowers. Spring in bloom is described in gentle petals of violets which provide a romantic and slightly powdery shade to the spring opening. The heart of the composition blooms with May rose flowers, creating a rich bouquet along with gardenia, while Artemisia oil contributes to fruity passions and the fullness of the flowers. The base is created of benzoin, cashmeran and cedarwood oil, leaving a soft, resin-vanilla shade on the skin.

All  I can find for a release date so far is "spring 2015", so maybe it'll start appearing in stores by late February, as Coty usually release their celeb fragrances a bit ahead of schedule?

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