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Could this be love? (A closer look at the 'I Am In Love' palette by I ❤️Makeup)...

I love the look of the rosy toned shadows in Urban Decay's Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, but the nearest branch of the store [Debenhams] to me that stocks Urban Decay cosmetics is small and the tiny cosmetic hall doesn't stock the brand, and I'm not keen on buying makeup online - I like swatching things, to get a good look at the colour and texture of things before parting with my money.

Anyway, when browsing in Superdrug I noticed a stand by I ❤️ Makeup, a brand I'd never heard of - I don't know if the brand is new, or if it's just because I rarely go to Superdrug. What makes the brand stand to me is that their primary product are eyeshadow palettes. 

After spending a while drooling at the selection of over a dozen different palettes (all under £8), I decided to play it sensibly and go for I Am In Love; the rosy toned neutral palette, as it has very wearable shades and reminds me a bit of the Naked 3 shades...

As you can see in the photo the two shades at the start of each row are matte shades, whilst the other four are shimmers. All six shadow shades feel nice and creamy, and five of them swatch nicely - the shades on the top row all swatched lightly, but the middle shadow on the top row is the only one that struck me as possibly being a total dud.

I nearly forgot the lipstick; it feels creamy and moisturizing, but the pale-but-bright powder pink colour is somewhere between MAC's Snob and Pink Nouveau, therefore I already know that it's probably not going to suit me, so it's hard to get excited about it...


For the first look using the palette I wanted to keep things simple, so I could clearly see what the three top row shades look like once applied, since the swatches didn't exactly blow me away.

Using the top row only; I applied the far-right side into my crease and blended it out and quite high up towards my brow. I then applied the matte nude with a fluffy brush between the space between the crease shade and my brow, to neaten out the edges. I used the middle shade over my lid, and the far-right shade again, this time to line underneath my bottom lashes. For the final touch I used the matte shade around my tear duct.

My camera kinda washed the shimmery shades out leaving them looking pretty much the same in the photos, but in real life they do definitely look different: the middle shadow is a MSBB shade for sure, but I'm positive that there is a hint of baby pink to it, that the camera doesn't pick up. The far-right shadow is noticeably darker in comparison to the other shimmer shade in reality, with an more obvious rose-gold undertone to it (I think my stunning droopy eyed photo shows the difference between the shades better). The matte nude shade may not look exciting but it's turned out to be a great match for my skintone, so I'll be using it most times I wear eyeshadow for blending and neatening edges.

The lipstick was a real surprise; the shade is so much softer when applied to my lips, in comparison to the swatch. I think it looks okay with my colouring, so I will continue to wear it for sure - I thought I'd toss into the back of a drawer and forget about it, but it's turned out to be a fantastic little extra.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the results of the top row shadows as the swatches weren't amazing, so I didn't think the pigmentation was up to much. However even the shadow that wouldn't show up on a swatch looks amazing when applied - although I must admit to using a great primer (BareMinerals Prime Time).

As well as the eyeshadows being great, I must also give the lipstick a big thumbs up too; very sixties (an era of makeup and fashion that I love) in both shade and finish (satin, but easier to apply than many bigger brands that I've tried, for example, MAC satin finishes).

With part one being an enormous success I couldn't wait to do part two, As I used all three top row shades at once in my last look with the palette, I decided to use all three shades on the bottom row this time too...

For this look I used the bottom matte shade into my crease and worked it high up towards my brow, and I then used the top matte shade to highlight my brow and neaten out my crease like I did in the first look. For the lid I applied the middle-bottom shade on the inner half, and the right-bottom shade on the outer half.

I think that my camera did a much better job of capturing the true-to-life shades of the eyeshadows used today. Also: the lipstick looks good paired with the darker shadow cołours - I think that it goes with the look as good as it goes with the lighter shadow look.



The colour selection in the compact is highly wearable, whilst the rose gold undertones makes the shades unique for me. The inclusion of the two matte shadows makes it easy to combine the shimmery shades together without looking overdone, which all-shimmery shades would look.

I love this palette and will use it regularly as it is so easy to work with, and I prefer the pigmentation of this palette to the other ones that I have by brands in this price range -Rimmel and Avon. Heck I prefer the quality of the eyeshadows in this palette to the ones in my Too Faced Romantic Eyes palette. I'd compare the quality to the eyeshadows in my Tarte palette best, and with the price difference that's insane.

I can't wait to go to Superdrug and buy some more palettes by I ❤️ Makeup. They do a I ❤️ Chocolate palette that looks very similar to Too Faced Chicolate bar, which, like Naked 3, is another palette I want, but haven't gotten around to travelling to a store large enough to stock it. So I think I'll try this cheaper version as my next purchase

Plus their lipsticks are only £2.99 as well, so that's another thing for me to look at as I fancy giving the vampy lips look a go, instead of always focusing on my eye all of the time...


I'm wearing Avon Ideal Flawless foundation and Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes mascara (2 coats) in all photos. 
For look 1 I'm wearing BareMinerals powder blush in The One, and for look 2 I'm wearing Seventeen Cheek Stamp in Blushin'.


And here's a bonus FOTD I've worn since writing my thoughts on the palette, just to show that I have continued to use it. This simple, rather grungy, undone eye look is the closest I have to a 'signature' look, and as it is easy and isn't anything special for me I didn't think it warranted its own post, so I'm just going to add it here...

I first used the lightest matte shade (top left) over my entire lid and into my crease, then went over the outer two thirds of my łid and crease with the slightly pinker nude matte shade (bottom left) for a bit of depth. I then highlighted under my brows and neaten ex the crease edges with the lighter matte shade.

I then used a pencil brush to apply the darkest shade (bottom right) like a liner, in a thick, slightly smudged line, ending the line just past the darker matte shade.

My final step was lining under my lower lashes with the medium pinky taupe shade (top right).

For the rest of my face I used:
Avon Ideal Flawless CC cream in Ivory (review on its way)
Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder in Fair
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara in black (2 coats)
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain in Crush


And here is me using the bottom left matte shade as a contour powder. On the cheek on my left I kept the line dramatic as it photos better, whilst I did softon the cheek on my right (which was effortless to do). 

The camera bleached my skin in the photos a bit - in real life the contouring looked less severe, and was very wearable.

The 'I Am In Love' palette is £5.99
I ❤️ Makeup cosmetics are sold in Superdrug stores in the UK.

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