Sunday, 14 September 2014

Yankee Simply Home Christmas range of candles now in Asda...

Today I'm breaking from cosmetic reviews yet again to bring you another heads up on scented candles at a bargain price...

Did you know that Yankee Candles have a 'Simply Home' range of tarts (£1), samplers (£1) and jars (£9 and £13) which is exclusive to Asda in the UK (Asda is owned by Walmart, so maybe Walmart and any other stores it owns also sell Simply Home candles)?

Well they do, and when I popped in the store today I noticed they they have festive fragrances not sold in the regular Yankee Candle releases.

The shelves in my local store were picked almost bare so I can't do much showing, but I thought that I'd still pass on my sighting so people can check their local stores and (hopefully) get lucky.

The one fragrance they had left in stock for the festive line of individual items was wax tarts and samplers for Frosted Snow, and it's a winner; I'd describe Frosted Snow as fresh mint and pine, with a undertone of patchouli, for a earthy bite. Sometimes I get a light breeze of what I think is cherry too, but it is so faint that I can't be sure. 

Yankee used to have a festive fragrance called Sparkling Snow which I loved, and Frosted Snow smells just like it, but with added peppermint. I'm going to keep dropping into my local store until I find the jars, so that I can stock up...

The price tickets and empty boxes on the shelves revealed that the rest of the individual festive range includes Christmas Treats, Sunlight On Snow, and Merry Berry fragrances.

And now time for a drumroll... There is also a giftset of six festive fragranced samplers for only £6, which I found abandoned on the top shelve:

The reason that I went to Asda is because my Mum mentioned that she had seen a 12 pack sampler giftset a few days ago. Unfortunately there wasn't any left when I went, but Mum said it was half-festive-and-half-regular-range fragranced samplers, and the festive ones are the same as the ones in the 6 pack, so I probably would have stuck with the 6 pack anyway.

The 12 pack is £12.

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