Monday, 1 September 2014

FYI: the Revlon Perfumerie nail polishes are now in Poundworld...

I'm passing on a heads up that I read at the weekend, so that other people can pick up a bargain too...
Thanks to justpassing over at the Makeupalley nail board for spreading word on this first, I'm now the proud owner of eight of the Perfumerie nail polishes from Revlon. 

Revlon's Perfumerie range was something I always wanted to check out as loads of the shades in the range look lovely, but every time I went to Boots I tried to be sensible and would keep talking myself out of buying yet another nail polish. 

Turns out that (brief) show of restraint was a good thing as my Poundworld haul includes the three shades I very nearly bought a few times during the last 3 for 2 at Boots (Wintermint, Moonlit Woods and Autumn Spice), so I'm delighted with my buys - I picked up eight polishes for less than I would have paid for two polishes.

Does this mean that Revlon are discontinuing the Perfumerie range?

While I was there I also found 3 lovely Sally Hansen polishes: two Lustre Shines (l-r Plume and Azure), and a Diamond Strength (3K Or More) one.

I had a Lustre Shine polish in my Amazon basket, so I've saved more money right there, and I used to own a Diamond Strength polish in a similar shade to 3K, so I'm taking a trip down memory lane too.

Now: which one of my new polishes should I try first?!

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