Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Do you see what I see? The Christmas 2014 jumper designs have begun toland at Primark...

I guess that the title for this post has told you what you need to know, but yeah, I'm a kid at heart so my sightings made me giddy, so allow me to spread the news. I've only seen three jumper designs, one t shirt, and one pajama/lounge set so far; but THE CHRISTMAS CLOTHING RANGE HAS STARTED TO LAND AT PRIMARK.

To make things interesting I have photos and prices below...

Okay I'll begin by easing you in slowly by showing you this Disney t shirt, since strictly speaking it's NOT a Christmas shirt, its a Frozen (the movie) one:

The best part is that it is only £8. I very nearly bought this, but I feel the cold easily so would end up covering over the tee with a cardigan or sweater, so didn't think that there was much point in getting it.


Here's the moment you are waiting for (drumroll)... May I present to you the first batch of Christmas jumper designs for 2014:




The jumpers all feel softer compared to last year's designs, and all three made me go "aww, cute".

They tempted me, however I've decided to wait to see what other designs may start to trickle into the store, as I want a brighter coloured jumper. If I'm going to don a cheesy jumper for Christmas, I plan on going full on...


Since I was good and didn't buy the t shirt or any of the jumpers, I did go ahead and buy both of the top designs in the Coca Cola pajama/loungewear set since I couldn't decide between cute (polar bears), or snug and cozy (the Santa top design has long sleeves).

The red pants are full length and have a comfy, elasticated drawstring waist.

T shirt £6 and pants £8

Long sleeved sweater £8

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