Wednesday, 6 August 2014

First impressions: Forever Glowing EDP by Jennifer Lopez...

Jennifer Lopez presented Glowing , a soapy - fresh woody fragrance, in 2012. A year after (in February 2013), she launches its first flanker Forever Glowing, a chypre – floral composition. The new edition is described as a light fragrant breeze on your skin and wind in your hair.
The composition starts with accords of saffron, white pepper and white honey. The heart captures fresh flowers of neroli and creamy jasmine tones, all blended with suede. Patchouli, iris, toffee caramel and vanilla form the base.
The fragrance is available as 30 and 50 ml Eau de Parfum.  --- Lancaster

As far as I'm aware you can't buy Forever Glowing in-store in the UK, so I ordered it blind from Amazon UK. I won't write a detailed review yet as I'm not sure what I actually think of the perfume at the minute: I don't love it, don't dislike it, but wouldn't say that I really like it either. It's weird and jumbled on me.

I just wanted to warn others who have to order it blind to ignore the official product description when making up their minds; this definitely isn't 
"light fragrant breeze on your skin and wind in your hair" type of soft, gentle fragrance. Forever Glowing is actually quite strong.

Also it'd be a safe assumption that a perfume with honey, toffee, caramel, and vanilla in it will be sweet and cocooning - this is not the case for me. So far all a get is a powdery floral mix, something artificial that reminds me of a bluebell candle I have, and a strong note of what I thought was lily, but I guess must be neroli.

I think I'll put my bottle away until we're safely into autumn as fragrances with sweeter scent notes appeal to me more in colder weather, so maybe everything will be less jumbled to my nose then.

30ml Eau De Parfum Spray - £8.00
50ml Eau De Parfum Spray - £12.45

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