Monday, 14 July 2014

First impression: The Look in Sooo 80's by Manic Panic...‏

This isn't a full review for the product, as so far I've only played around with this kit and haven't fully put it to the test. I just wanted to put up photos of swatches and share my initial thoughts on the product formulas, as I was umming and ahhing for ages over buying this kit and couldn't find the info I wanted on it online...

This kit contains five powder eyeshadows; two pink shades, a blue-toned grey, a green, and a purple.  

There is a pearly cream brow bone highlight shade, that is also meant to act as a base for the powder shadows. 

There are two creamy lipstick shades; a bright pink shade, and a amethyst shade. 

There is a black pencil liner; I'll be using it as a eye liner, but it is called 'Lip Lock Liner'. 

Finally; there is a pair of falsies in the style 'Sin City'.

The powder eyeshadows are slightly powdery, but nothing major. The pigmentation is very good - even without using a powder. I've only had a little play around so far, but the shadows do seem easy to blend. The pink shades would also make nice blushes. 

without base
with base

The cream base does make the colours of the shadows pop even more so I'll definitely use it, even though I'm not a fan of cream highlight products in general.

The two lip shades both feel nice and will suit most skin tones. Both are non-drying, although the amethyst shade is noticeably creamier. 

The pencil liner is great; non-dragging, creamy formula, and great pigmentation. 

So I think the quality and variety of what you are getting is great for the price of the kit (RRP $25), so this is something I'd recommend trying if the colours catch your eye. 

Manic Panic have a site for their cosmetics where you can order the kit from here, and various third party sellers on Amazon UK and Amazon US stock the kits too.

I bought my kit from eBay for just £10 . The seller has more kits available here

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