Monday, 7 April 2014

This gets my stamp of approval: Cheek Stamp powder blush by Seventeen [in the shade Blushin']...

SEVENTEEN Cheek Stamp Blush
STAMP your way into the glow! Give cheeks a quick pop of colour with these compact blush powders with fab sponge stamp applicator.

Blush is like mascara and nail polish for me; if I see new ones in the shops or featured in magazines then they stick in my mind, with an annoying inner voice begging me to give in and buy them. Which brings me to Seventeen's Stamp Blush; it is a discontinued product that has now been relaunched. I never got round to trying it on it's original run, so snapped i up as soon as I passe a Boots store after reading about the relaunch in a magazine.

 I wanted a natural-looking flush for spring, so having fair skin, with the skin on my face being almost paper white, I picked the pale pink, satin-finish shade Blushin' for this review:

The blush is a smooth powder; it's not flaky or chalky, and seems to almost melt into my skin. The pigmentation of the blush is good, so a little goes a long way = this compact will last for ages.

I have dry skin, so lasting wear with powder blushes is rarely an issue for me, and this no different - it wears just as well as my beloved NARS blushes. I'll apply it in the morning, and it'll still be visible at the end of the day.

The packaging is different to other blushes, and has a good idea behind it, but I don't think that it pulls off the intention flawlessly; the sponge applicator for the compact is pressed against the blush pan [with is in the compact's lid] too tightly when the product is not in use and stored away, so it is easy to end up applying too much blush.

So I use a different puff or brush for blending the powder after application, rather then the sponge - so it's not a major issue for me.

Although I don't think that the packaging turned out that well in real life, the actual blush itself is of a great quality - especially for the price - and I highly recommend trying it out, as it is quick and easy to rectify the problem when too much blush is accidentally applied.

I'm sure that I'll go on to try the other shades in this range - it took me quite a while to settle on which shade to try as they all look wearable and swatched well - that may be a bit of a problem for those with darker skintones, so a good swatch and waiting to see how that then holds up on skin is recommended before purchase.  




Seventeen branded cosmetics are sold exclusively in Boots stores.

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