Saturday, 5 April 2014

Super Duper: Superlash mascara by Seventeen [exclusive to Boots]...

I love the mascara that I'm currently using, and have several unopened ones waiting in the wings from various different festive gift-sets, but after spotting the poster for this in Boots [I couldn't find it online & when I went by Boots again they'd taken it down] the annoying little voice told me I needed to try Super Lash to see if it is indeed super...

Up to 93% longer looking lashes instantly!
Give lashes SUPER hero status with our amazing SUPER fibre lengthening mascara & volumising booster brush.

The formula is great; no clumps, rich colour, loads of length, and added volume. I average at 12 hours wear per day, and the mascara has never flaked on me. One possible downside for customers is that this mascara isn't waterproof, but this doesn't bother me as this means that the removal is fairly quick and easy too.

There dosnt seem to be anything special about the design of the brush - regular bristles and standard shape - but this proves that simple is often best as I don't have any real problems coating and lifting/fanning my lashes.

Naked lashes versus one coat of Super Lash

Overall I do think this is a very good mascara for the price but I personally prefer the wand on the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara, as the bendy gimmick on the wand really does help me to coat every little straggling lash evenly.

Two coats

Apart from that aspect I do feel that the results of Super Lash are just as good, so this is a mascra that is well worth trying. Miss Manga doesn't come in a brown/black shade either, so that is another reason for people to consider trying this.


Blackest Black, Brown/Black.

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