Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Not all right Jack: Glam Eyes HD Shadows by Rimmel...

Glam’ Eyes HD 

our first creamy powder eyeshadow with Velvet-HD technology creates colour that looks perfect under any light.

I bought my palette in Poundland rather then a drugstore, and the colour combination I picked has been discontinued, however Purple Reign is still in production and features similar shades to the Sugar Rush palette.

Sugar Rush palette contains four eyeshadow shades:

Pale pink [highlight shade]
grey-tinged purple [lid shade]
Bubblegum pink [crease shade]
Orchid [outer corner shade]

I bought this palette in Poundland because the orchid shade caught my eye as it is the Pantone colour of the year and I love all purples and lilacs on my eyes anyway as it makes my dark blue eyes pop, and when I swatched the shade I was totally in love with it. The shade that looked like a boring mega-sparkly grey was a real surprise as it transforms to a lovely medium purple shade when swatched on skin, and it is no more shimmery then the other shades. The two pink shades are pretty and wearable, but as I already own similar shades in a Clinique compact, I was - and still am - a bit 'meh' on them overall. 

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but once the shades have been applied to the eye and blended a bit they bare little resemblance to how they look in the pan, and how my test swatches look...  

Is the bright-to-pastel pigmentation effect down to the fact I found it very difficult to fit my various shadow brushes into the pans to pick up the product? Otherwise I was pleased by the quality of the shadows; they feel smooth and creamy, they are easy to blend, and they are crease resistant.


The design of the eyeshadow pan does look great, it really makes this quad a pain to use. Three of the shade sections are tiny - none of my actual eyeshadow brushes fit in the sections easily, so it is a struggle to use. My biggest gripe here is with the pretty purple shade that is intended to be used on the lid, as it is the shade with the smallest pan section. I really love the purple and orchid shades so would to use them for quick and easy one shadow looks, but as the palette is so user unfriendly I've never bothered playing around with using the shades for other looks.

Seriously: as Rimmel gives a guide on the back of the palette as to which shadow is meant to be used as the highlight shade, which one is the lid colour, the crease colour, and the shade for using to define the outer corner of the eye, why did they then make the pan sections so tiny - for every shade except the highlight shade - that you can't fit many brushes into them without a major struggle? At the very least they could have made the section for the intended lid colour a bit bigger.

This is the result of the three shades in the smaller pans mixed together 

My other complaint is that all four shadow shades in the palette I have are shimmery. I really think that if I'm going to wear two or more shades of shadow at once then at least one of the shadows should be matt, especially the crease shade as shimmery finishes in the crease move around on me and are more prone to causing fallout. Plus matt shades seem to make blending easier. Is this just me?

I believe that this palette design is being phased out, so I hopeful that the Rimmel 5-pan palettes will gradually get a wider colour selection.

I'd advise saving your money until then...


Boots, Superdrug,and supermarkets that sock Rimmel cosmetics [eg Asda and Sainsburys].

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