Sunday, 1 September 2013

Speedy review - Boss Jour Pour Femme edp by Hugo Boss...

I love the energy of JPF's zesty citrus and leafy opening - it makes the fragrance fresh and sharp for the first ten minutes. A real 'get up and go' energising fragrance.

The floral notes combine with the remaining citrus notes perfectly for a clean and soapy undertone to JPF. I love honeysuckle and freesia, so I was thrilled that they are the strongest floral notes on me. I would declare my love for JPF if it weren't for the jasmine; it is very strong on me, so overpowers the other floral notes, so I can't confidently state what other florals may be present.

After a few hours JPF transforms from a citrussy floral to a warmer, more masculine blend, as the sweet amber mixes completely with the bolder wood notes and what seems to be neroli, for a starting contrast to the freshness of the beginning.

Official scent notes; lime, grapefruit blossom, freesia, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, white birch and creamy amber.

JPF is 'nice' and I will happily continue to use my bottle, but this isn't a fragrance I'd choose to buy for myself; whilst it is easy to wear and inoffensive to other people, it is also a bit too generic for my tastes. However the real dealbreaker for me is the jasmine - I'm not keen on it at the best of times, and the accord used here is way too strong for me.

The sillage and longevity of the perfume are both good.

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