Thursday, 20 June 2013

A brief review: Flash edp by Jimmy Choo...

FLASH wasn't too bad upon first application; peppery strawberry and citrus fruits, so it applies sharp and fresh, but has a hint of sweetness about it. Nice and realistic, but nothing original or special.

After ten minutes FLASH went from hum-hum to get-it-off-me. Tuberose is always bitter on my skin, so when it combines with the lingering citrus it turns into, err, cat pee. On me it does, anyway. Sorry; it's not a very descriptive review as I can't pick up any of the other scent notes as the tuberose seems to shut my nose down, so the damage is done.

After six hours or so the floral and citrus jumble dies down, leaving a light whisper of woods and violet, which is again nice, but nothing special. Sadly the bitter florals leave a lasting impression, so my stomach turns when I simply walk past a display of FLASH in the store.

Scent notes: strawberry, tangerine, pink pepper, tuberose, jasmine, white lily, heliotrope and blond wood.

Sorry Mr Choo, but it's a no from me. FLASH isn't very original, easy to wear, and for the price I would have liked something which lasts for more then 6 hours.

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