Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Golly gosh: Mascara & Eyeliner duo in Good Gosh Miss Molly [black] by Dainty Doll...

 The mascara is the main reason that I bought the Dainty Doll Mascara & Eyeliner Duo, and I've found it to be an OK product; it leaves my lashes nicely separated, evenly coated, and mostly non-clumpy. Because of the near-perfect separation my lashes look full and slightly longer.

I didn't like the absence of any lash thickening, and that there has been the odd bit of running and flaking - so I tend to look as though I've been crying.

I'm fairly impressed by the results. But I'm not wowed; it's certainly not the worst mascara I've tried, but the increase of length is arguable and the thickening abilities are absent. I'm looking for something that gives me noticeable results, not another everyday mascara.

 The other end of the tube holds a liquid liner. The formula of it is good; rich colour, quick to dry, and it rarely flakes. But the brush tipped wand is very difficult to work with - the fibres are very bendy so it is tough to achieve a neat line.

 If this came with a doefoot applicator I'd really like it, but as it is I don't use it often, as I'm likely to mess up my eyeshadow with it.

 I think Dainty Doll is either going out of business or is going to relaunch the range - all of the sites that stock it are selling everything at really low prices. So if you find the Mascara & Eyeliner Duo for under £5 I'd say give it a go; it's average, but not terrible.

But there is no way I'd recommend paying the £17.50 RRP for this

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