Friday, 8 March 2013

Grrr; Teach Me Tiger powder eyehadow by Dainty Doll

A few weeks ago I came across a three piece Dainty Doll makeup bundle in TK Maxx. The eyeshadow, blush and lipstick were packaged together tightly so I couldn't see the labels, making this a bit of a blind buy. As luck would have it the lipstick and blush were the same shades I'd been admiring in Boots, so I was delighted with my 2 out of 3 hit score.

When I opened the eyeshadow compact and swatched it, I was underwhelmed. Shimmery orange? It took a little while for me to  bother picking it up again, but know I have I'm starting to really  like it...

Teach Me Tiger is a orange shade, with golden shimmer. When you hear orange you may envision day glo clown makeup, but don't be afraid - Dainty Doll cosmetics are produced for fair skinned ladies, so the shade isn't overly bright, even on those of us with the skintone of Casper.

Having said Dainty Doll cosmetics are for fair skintones, I do think that Teach Me Tiger eyeshadow will work on most - if not all - skintones; the golden undertone tones the brightness down and gives it a 'suits all' appearance. Plus it makes the whites of eyes super bright and makes my blue irises pop.

                                            [using Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara]

I've been wearing Teach Me Tiger without primer, to see how well it lasts, and it has proven to be great quality. It applies smoothly, is easy to blend, and wears for 10+ hours without creasing. It isn't cheap, but the quality is up there with MAC and Urban Decay.

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