Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Best beauty buys of the year: 17 Blow Out mascara

17's BLOW OUT mascara does it all; the colour is very rich [I've got blackest black], great separation, added length and the most noticeable volume increase that I've ever had. People have commented on my false lashes when I have worn this mascara, it really is that good. I usually wear two coats.

It is so easy to build up the finished look of your lashes with BLOW OUT, and the formula never cakes or flakes. Plus it holds my curl all day and is easy to remove. The volumizing abilities of this are unbeatable, plus the increase of length is good too - my lashes end up hitting the tops of my sockets.

The first time I used this mascara I was disappointed by the fact that the brush is big, which I'm not fond of. However the size of the brush is a plus point with BLOW OUT, as the size and shape of the brush separates, fans and curls lashes, right from the roots to the tips, so my eyes really pop.

What else can I say? BLOW OUT is an amazing mascara and the price [£6.29] is really good too. I'll have to try more of Boots 17 mascaras - the couple I've used are both really good.

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