Sunday, 4 November 2012

Getting lippie; the British version of Kat Von D's Backstage Bambi...

Backstage Bambi
Whenever I go to America I try to visit a Sephora store, as I love the Kat Von D makeup range that is exclusive to the store. The brand's lipsticks are my favourite lip product, as they are easy to apply and last longer then every other brand I've tried. Backstage Bambi is the shade that I've become slightly obsessed with and wear the most. 
I've been looking for a easy-to-find equivalent here in the UK, and so far the closest colour match I've found is...

...Collection 2000 [yeah I know, the brand is now just known as Collection really] Lasting Colour lipstick in the shade Pink Shock.
The colour is a bit lighter then Backstage Bambi, but is just as bright. Application is just as easy and the wear is good - not as long lasting as Backstage Bambi, but still better then many other brands.

Pink Shock

So there you go - a very similar colour, that is a easy-to-find brand. The best news? Pink Shock is only £2.99 :)

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