Thursday, 24 May 2012

Found a pale, non-yellow BB Cream...

For reference: I have very pale skin, so none of the Boots 17 foundations are actually light enough for me; even the Porcelain and Ivory shades.

My skin is dry and sensitive and keeps having rebellious phases, so I need something that corrects visible pores and any unevenness and discolouration, yet won't feel heavy and show up the dry patches and make my skin flake, like foundations can. I find the base in tinted moisturizers too yellow and, anyway, they just don't wear long enough for me to bother with. After hearing/seeing the hype about BB Creams I set out to find one light enough for me and after months of looking for a non-yellow shade I've finally found a winner;

17 BB BLEMISH BALM feels a bit watery, so I wasn't expecting much. But the formula actually works in it's favour; it feels very light and silky on my skin and blending is super easy. Once blended, the results are a smooth satin finish, with surprisingly good coverage.

OK, it won't cover my hormonal breakouts, but my problem is discolouration, which this solves. It even reduces the appearance of my pores AND undereye circles. I've found it to be transfer resistant, long lasting and it doesn't settle in my fine lines. Flaky skin? a thing of the past. Oh - it has a SPF of 15 too.

I think the packing is very user-friendly; It's in a squeezable, slim tube, so you can squeeze all of the product out. Plus; it's a ideal size for small bags and the lid is very secure.

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  1. Looks lovely, may have to look into this! :)