Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Review: eyeshadow palette by Pixi

I used to love the bright colours and extremely rich pigmentation found in the Urban Decay eyeshadows, but lately I've become, I don't know, kinda bored with my usual routine. And I've suddenly realised that I'm now twenty eight, so yeah I'm not 'young' anymore. I guess it's sensible make-up [ahem, most of the time], twin set and pearl time... 

The colour combinations and the satiny finish to the shadows in the Miracle Velveteen compact really appealed to me as the colours are neutral and only one shade is dark, so this is something that can be used every single day, at any time of day and with any outfit. None of the shadows contain shimmer, so I decided that this was a 'sensible' palette, so I thought that I'd give it a whirl.

Miracle Velveteen contains;

1) Pearl
2) Peach
3) Taupe
4) Medium brown
5) Pale pink
6) Tan
7) Lilac
8) Dark brown

The Miracle Velveteen colour combination appears to have been discontinued, but it is still in stock on Amazon. The similar colour combination 'Miracle' is still in production at time of writing, and is sold on the Boots website. I think the finish of the eyeshadows is the main difference between the two palettes; Miracle seems to contain lightly shimmering shadows, opposed to Miracle Velveteen's satin finished ones.

The lid top on the plastic shell casing has a mirror and the square shadow pans are the perfect size and shape for fitting full sized eyeshadow brushes in, not just the brush included with this palette.

As this palette is small [barely bigger then a credit card] and very slim, I wasn't really expecting a lot of product. However, I've been using the palette regular for over two months now and have yet to reach pan on any of the shadows. 

I tried taking photos of swatches on my arm, but the shades didn't show up on my skin. Not a good sign from the get-go and sure enough the pigmentation has proven to be a huge letdown for me. The shades do make my eyes look bright and alert, but all of the colours look more of less the same on my pale skin. I don't know how this has happened - the overall quality of the shadows is great, but for some reason the colours just don't show up on me with much variation between them.

The first seven shades all just morph into skin tones when applied; I'll note that the peach shade shows up a little bit more then the others, but apart from that I had to take photos straight away and make notes of which shades I was wearing at the time. The darkest shade in this palette [number eight] is the standout here for pigmentation - although this is also a bit lighter then what I'd expect. I think that this shade makes a great alternative to using an eyeliner - it's less harsh, but still helps to exaggerate the size of my eyes.

Now on to the good bits; all of the shadows are so finely grained, and apply so creamily that they seem to melt like butter on hot bread. And as you'd expect from such a rich shadow, the application, blending ability and wear is exceptional.

Some powder shadows can look chalky and flecks of the powder can fall down under my eyes, but the formula of these shadows have never caused this fallout on me, even when I try to be clever and blend three or four different shades together. I've found that the shadows easily last though my working day [over eight hours], even without using a eyeshadow primer and still look fresh at the end of the day. I work on a computer and keep rubbing at my eyes, but this has yet to result in any smudging or fallout.

I'm on the fence with this palette - there's something here for most skintones [I'm not sure how the shades would look on darker skin, but I suspect that it would look ashy], all of the shades go with every eye colour and the blendability and wear of the shadows is very impressive.

The size of the palette is another huge plus; it's ideal for throwing into a bag when you are late for work or are going swimming and don't want to carry a bulging makeup bag around with you. As well as being compact the shell is also hard wearing, so it's fantastic for nights away and holidays too.

But, good points aside, at the end of the day everything boils down to the fact that I paid for eight shades and there are only two major differences between all eight shades - the first seven shades all look extremely similar when they're actually on my skin, with only the eighth shade standing out from the rest [and even that goes on lighter then it looks in the pan]. So I can't recommend this particular shade combination, as it offers poor value for money.

I really like the feel, fresh eyed look and the wear of the Pixi eyeshadows and these good results I've experienced with this palette are enough that I'm planning on exploring the brand in more depth. But the problems with the pigmentation is enough to make me wait until I go somewhere that has a larger Boots store that stocks Pixi cosmetics [for me that'll be the Trafford Centre branch], as you need to test the colours before you buy.

So, yes to the formula, no to this particular palette and no to buying online to save money, as the shadows need swatching before you part with your cash.

Here comes the guilt-easing math bit:

Individual eyeshadows: £10.50 [x8]
Duo eyeshadow/liner brush: £18
= £102

Pixi do not test on animals.

£26 [Debenhams.com]
£18.50 [Boots.com and in larger stores]

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