Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review: Lash Fibres brush on false lashes by ModelCo

 "There's no glue, no stress and no mess - we promise! Super voluptuous, clump-free, incredibly long lashes that last until you remove your make-up. The unique, new technology nylon fibers give high-impact length, whilst Bees Wax and Carnauba Wax help keep lashes soft and nourished. It's time to take your lashes to the extreme!"

FIBRE LASH was launched in Australia last year and has already won an Australian Cosmopolitan beauty award [most innovative new product], so I bought the set [£35] to see what the fuss is about.

This set contains two tubes; a 10ml tube of lengthening mascara and a 0.6g tube of 'Lash Fibres'. The mascara is in a larger tube, as you need to apply two coats every time you wear FIBRE LASH, whereas you just need one coat of the lash fibres themselves [sandwiched between the coats of mascara].

Sounds simple, but lets find out how simple it it to apply in real life, and see the results we'll be getting for ourselves - I don't trust ads for mascara, as the models tend to wear false eyelashes...

Begin by applying one coat application of the lengthening mascara to lashes [The mascara does a excellent job of lengthening lashes when worn alone, although my lashes taper and look spindly]. Next apply a single coat of the fibres on top of the mascara - the fibres will adhere to the base coat of mascara, instantly adding some volume and more length to your lashes, evening out the tapered look in the previous step. Then neaten the look by applying a second coat of the mascara over the layer of fibres, as well as neatening the finish, it also secures the fibres in place.

The result? My lashes easily double in length, but the volume increase isn't very staggering using the three-step method.

However, the formula of the mascara is very light, so it's easy to stack layers up; I have also worn two layers of fibres and three coats of mascara and have found that this is great for a more voluminous lash look, but overall I'm happy with just the three steps listed above.

As the mascara has such a light formula it is very easy to remove it at the end of the day/night. It seems to melt away with just a damp cotton ball, so no need for fancy (and pricey) eye makeup remover and - best of all - no panda eye effect the next morning.

The first few times I used this kit I was left disappointed and was wishing that I had saved my money; the increased length was instantly noticeable, but the layer of fibres gave a knobbly appearance to the final layer of mascara. So this a product you have to use a few times whilst you get a feel for it and figure out how best to make it work for you. I've found that application via rolling the brush over your lashes - rather then using the typical zigzag motion - for applying the fibre coat is better, as this helps enough the the fibres are pressed down flat into the base, as well as being evenly distributed.

Once you have used the kit a handful of times and learnt how best to use the brush of the fibre tube to get a even coating onto your lashes, application becomes automatic to you, so it won't take any longer to use this then it does to apply regular mascara.

I've tried using the tube of fibres (it looks like a tube of cobwebs) with several other mascaras [TooFaced, Smashbox, L'Oreal and Bourjois], but every mascara clumps terribly over the fibers, so the featherweight feel of the ModelCo mascara formulation is needed - it's not just a gimmick.

I've now been wearing Lash Fibres regularly for over two months and have yet to experience any flaking. My eyes are slightly watery, but so far this hasn't caused the mascara to smudge, even on blustery days. Last week one of my cats was stolen, and the mascara didn't run when I got all misty eyed, so the mascara does seem to be somewhat water resistant, though the packaging doesn't mention this.

On a average workday I wear my make-up for between 10 to 15 hours and spend the day on a computer, or getting yelled at on the company helpline. I regularly rub at my eyes without realising it and I will sometimes "get something in my eye" after particularly unpleasant phone calls, so yeah, I think I have the perfect conditions to test how well this product works.

Overall; FIBRE LASH may not be the most voluminous, but it does provide super length to the lashes, with great separation. I personally prefer length over volume when it comes to mascara, so I have no complaints with the results. The best thing for me, however, has to be how easy it is to remove - I can't help repeating how it seems to just melt away. I've no idea how it can stay put 10+ hours without smudging or flaking, yet be so easy to wipe away at the end of the day. Plus, it wears well and thanks to being a three-step product, it doesn't clump. Once you've used this kit a few times it becomes as quick and easy as applying any other regular mascara, so don't let the fact that this comes as a two tube, three step kit put you off from trying it.

Despite the good points I'm still not sure if I will replace my set when I run out, but this is mainly due to the price, rather then the usability and results of the product.

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