Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Review: Super G EDT by Harajuku Lovers

It's only a short entry for this as there's not really much to say about this simple and rather uncomplicated new fragrance from the popular Harajuku Lovers line...

SUPER G is pure fruit from top to base, I can't detect any florals at all.

On me the pineapple, banana and raspberry notes are the most noticeable scent notes used. I would have loved to be able to have picked up the florals, or even the musk, to mix things up a bit.

Official scent notes: pineapple, tangerine, freesia, banana juice, vanilla, musk and raspberry.

It's not particularly 'bad' smelling and it's certainly not a 'wipe it off' fragrance and it gets extra points as the banana note is a new one in perfume for me, but there is nothing special here to make me re-buy.

As with most fruit heavy florals, the staying power isn't anything amazing; about four hours, maximum.

In summary: SUPER G is an easy to wear, daytime perfume, best suited to spring/summer.

The main selling point to SUPER G is, without a doubt, the bottle; how can you resist it? I don't regret buying my bottle as just glancing at it makes me smile.

But yeah, overall this is definitely a case of style over substance.

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