Monday, 15 August 2011

New fragrance: Love And Light EDT by Jennifer Lopez

little while ago I mentioned Jennifer Lopez's new fragrance Love And Light, which was launched on HSN shopping network last month and hits US [no word on the UK release yet] store shelves in September 2011 [30ml and 75 ml bottles of EDT, as well as 200ml body lotion].

But now I've found a little bit more information about the new EDT, so I thought I'd write another update for it...

Top Notes: Mandarin, pomegranatee and red currant
Mid Notes: Rose crystal absolute, velvety apricot and jasmine petals
Base Notes: Patchouli, sensual musk and praline

Jennifer had a small question and answer session with about her inspirations on the new EDT, because I'm sure that she dons a white coat and spends months in a lab herself... Anyway, here are the highlights:

With Love And Light, I wanted to create a unique and very personal  fragrance that really expresses the feeling of warmth and light you feel inside and not focus on the world around you. It has a very sensual experience to it.

All of my fragrances are a personal extension of myself.

[Hmm, whilst I do think most of her releases have been nice, to me they haven't actually seemed like fragrances that Jennifer would wear herself. I see her as a Chanel no 5 girl]

Finally; whilst promoting Love And Light on HSN last month, Jennifer was asked the following question by
a caller:
"Will you come back to HSN with more perfumes?"

To which she gave the following reply:
"Yes, very soon! Next year we are going to launch a brand new one, a whole different series! So it's going to be very exciting!"

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