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Review: Instant Nail Effects by Barry M

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Advantages: Low price, easy to use, fast-acting
Disadvantages: None for me
I'm sorry for not posting this sooner: I got it when it was first released last autumn, but now it's been getting good press and reviews so has been flying off the shelves.
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The product
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OPI are about to release a 'shatter coat' [for about £10] alongside their Katy Perry colour collection, so so-called 'Crackle Polishes' are set to be big beauty news this year. Luckily for us Barry M already have a 'Crackle Polish' of their own on the market and it is cheaper, easier to find and is the same product as it's double-the-price contender.
Barry M INSTANT NAIL EFFECTS is a black polish* that is applied over another colour: As it dries it cracks into a unique pattern, that is similar to a leopard print.
Not only does it give an easy, professional pattern every time, but it is also hard wearing and helps my polish last longer without using another top coat over it**. I think this is due to the formula being slightly thicker then most nail polishes [but non-gloopy], so it forms a thick protective layer over your base colour.
* It is labelled as a Nail Paint - the same as Barry M's other polishes - so I wasn't sure what to call it, but the formula was created to separate as it dries so it won't work as a regular polish.
** This product is not billed as a topcoat, so it's just my personal experience. Without using a regular topcoat my polish will last for at least four days with only minimal wear. But [as previously mentioned] I'm tough on my nails (self powered wheelchair user), so this product will give longer lasting results on other people.
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How to apply
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1) Simply apply one or two coats of your chosen polish shade [don't go for dark colours as the finished results won't show up very well].
2) When the base colour is dry apply one coat of INSTANT NAIL EFFECTS over it*. As the top coat dries [within one minute] it starts to crack and separate, leaving a unique leopard skin pattern.
* When you apply it be careful not to overlap the stokes of INE, as this affects the pattern and the results will become uneven and won't dry properly.
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The packaging
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The brush: Barry M don't use my preferred wide brushes, so it'll take up to three strokes to coat the nail. Normally this would put me off from using it, but as you need to be careful and not overlap this product the thinner brush is very handy. Also; As the brush is thinner less polish is loaded onto the brush, so the nail doesn't become glooped with product.
The bottle: The square shape of the bottle makes it very easy to grip, meaning there's less chance of any spills [Am I the only person who keeps hold of the bottle whilst painting my nails?]
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I was really shocked by the results and couldn't believe how easy it is to use; NAIL EFFECTS gives the exact results it promises and is as easy to apply as the brand leads you to believe. I'm left-handed and have unsteady hands [nerve damage], yet still have no problems applying this.
As mentioned above; Lighter colours are best for this as the pattern is black. I personally think that lilac and mint are two of the best shades for this, so keep an eye open for new spring/summer shades. If you want people to sit up and notice your new nail art use a bright orange as the base colour [if you really want it to look special dab a few spots/stripes with white polish too].
Although you can use any finish of polish as a base, I personally prefer to use creme finishes as I think they are slightly smoother to paint over.
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£3.99 in Boots and Superdrug.
Summary: A great way to vamp up old polishes you may be bored with

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