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Review: Princess EDT by Vera Wang

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The fragrance
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Wedding gown designer Vera Wang is behind the inspiration for the toilette PRINCESS. The name, fragrance and bottle are all aimed towards younger consumers, Vera Wang herself envisions young bridesmaids wearing this as they support the bride on her special day.

PRINCESS starts as it means to go on; delicately sweet and very feminine. I was surprised to learn how many fruit scent notes this contains as aside fro the apricot and a hint of mandarin I can't separate any others. I'm not sure what their version of meringue is either as everything is already sweet and there are several other creamy notes so it remains hidden.

If you aren't a fruity person, you'll be pleased to know that the top notes are short lived with the tuberose developing in the first five minutes. However even the tuberose soon takes a back seat as the gourmand notes steal the show. I'm not sure how to describe how the heart develops, other then as strawberry buttercream with a sprinkling of tuberose and powdered vanilla. I could pick out the chocolate but it is partly hidden underneath the other notes, so is very subtle.

I didn't really notice much difference between the heart and the base to be honest. The preexisting vanilla mixes with the 'amber' thoroughly creating a creamy mix. I'm not sure what woods the perfumers used - the super-vanilla is close to the skin and hides anything else that is under it.

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Scent notes
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Apples, water lily, golden apricot, mandarin, meringue, pink guava, Tahitian tiare flower, wild tuberose, dark chocolate, vanilla chiffon, pink frosting, precious amber and 'forbidden woods'.

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The bottle
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The heart shaped bottle is a case of love it or hate it. I'm in the hate it camp as it can't stand up vertically, so if you have a lot of perfume on your dresser it can be hard to spot.

The bottle neck and the crown shaped cap can both be worn as rings.

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Other buying considerations
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The only real negative for this is the staying power; After one hour it goes close to the skin and within three hours of application it's gone. Not unexpected for an EDT, but this is just as expensive as designer EDPs, so it's a big let-down.

It sort of makes up for this by being suitable to wear all year round; I don't find the sweet notes of chocolate, vanilla and frosting sickly in warmer weather nor is the fruit and florals 'cold' in the worst weather thrown at us during the winter months. It's very well balanced.

It is ideal for a day-to-day fragrance. I happily wear it to work and have received loads of compliments on it and I've smelled it on other colleagues too. I personally don't think that it is strong or unique enough for an evening fragrance, plus you'd need to carry the bottle around for top ups, so its a no-go for me.

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My opinion
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I'm ultimately left feeling let down by PRINCESS; there's nothing that I actively dislike about it, but for the price I was hoping for something a bit more distinct with better staying power. There are many gourmand perfumes on the market which cost less and last longer, so I can't justify re-buying this.

Also; As I mentioned above this is something that I notice a lot of other women wearing, and I personally prefer to wear fragrances that are a bit more unique.

Cheaper alternatives to PRINCESS include Kylie Minogue Sweet Darling, Paris Hilton Can Can, Victoria Secret Ooh La La, Avril Lavinge Forbidden Rose, Nina Ricci Lovely Nina and Ghost Sweetheart.

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30ml: £32.00
50ml: £43.00
100ml: £57.00

There is currently a gift set available for the festive season for £35. It contains a 30ml EDT, a 75ml tube of fragranced body lotion and a cube keyring that contains a solid lipgloss.

If you buy Princess at The Fragrance Shop you receive a cosmetic case, with a heart pattern over it. I believe that the case has a rollerball and miniature tube of body lotion, as it did when I bought PRINCESS in Debenhams a few years ago.

Speaking of Debenhams; There is a gift set sold available in-store and online there with a 50ml EDT bottle, a 7.5ml bottle, a 75ml lotion and a 75ml fragranced body butter. This set is £45.
Summary: ... Not worth it for me.

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