Sunday, 14 November 2010

Review: Big Fake Mascara by Collection 2000

Sam and Nic have recently been using Collection 2000's BIG FAKE mascara for their Pixiwoo tutorials, so naturally I needed to try it for myself and it didn't disappoint.

It gives me the same results of beautifully separated, evenly coated, non-clumpy lashes, with a rich colour [mine is ultra black, it also comes in black and brown/black]. I was really impressed by it's thickening ability, each and every time I've used it. The one thing that it doesn't do is lengthen my lashes. However the makers don't claim that it will, so no harm there.

Honestly; The results are the same on me as Benefit's Bad Gal Lash and Dior's Diorshow, for a third of the price [BIG FAKE is £5].

Yes - the brush is big, but no bigger then Diorshow, Bad Gal Lash or similar, so if you're used to using those then you shouldn't have any problems with BIG FAKE. The size of the brush is great as it separates, fans and slightly curls lashes, right from the roots to the tips, so my eyes really pop.

I do have one issue; This is a pain to remove. This hasn't put me off - this is my favourite mascara at the minute - but, yeah, I'll have to point that out.

[In both pictures 2 coats were applied - no other products or eyelash curlers were used]

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