Thursday, 16 September 2010

Review: Fancy EDP by Jessica Simpson

My main issue with FANCY is that it smells so different during spring/summer then it does in autumn/winter.

I bought my bottle in November (before last) and would happily wear it all of the time. The pear and apricot it opens with are mouth watering. This quickly warms into a oriental blend of toasted almond and creamy caramel.

However, my favourite phase has to be the cocooning warmth of the vanilla and amber in the base. The floral and wood notes were hidden.

When I applied some last week I was shocked; my beloved oriental gourmand had transformed into a fruity floral. The raspberry and jasmine notes - which were hidden before - smacked me in the face.

The fruity top notes are simply too sweet in warm weather; it borders on sickly on me. The florals in the heart of the fragrance calm it down, so I could tolerate it, but waiting for the floral notes to develop isn't fun.

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Scent notes
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Pear, apricot nectar, red fruits, gardenia, jasmine, toasted almonds, caramel, sandalwood, vanilla crème and amber crystals.

I wouldn't wear Fancy in hotter weather as the sweetness can be cloying. I'd say this is a fragrance for autumn/winter. Fancy is a casual wear fragrance. I'd wear it to work in an office, but depending on your profession it may not be suitable. If you're in close contact with others (Doctor or teacher for example), I'd suggest wearing something else.

The staying power is average; 3/4 hours max.

I'm not sure if I'd re-buy FANCY; There are so many alternatives with better lasting power in the gourmand scent family, that don't turn sickly on me.

However; It is cheaper then alot of it's scent-a-likes and the bottle looks so pretty on my dresser, so I may be tempted to pick up a smaller bottle to wear in the colder months. But I'll look elsewhere first.

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FANCY is sold in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.
It's online only at the minute, so prices will vary between £15 to £25 per bottle.

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