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Review: Ed Hardy for Women EDP

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The fragrance
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Christian Audigier’s Ed Hardy clothing range is so not my cup of tea, so when my sister gave me her old bottle of ED HARDY EDP (aka Love Kills Slowly) I tossed it in a drawer and forgot all about it for a while. What I'm driving towards is that you should never judge a book by it's cover: I eventually found out that this is an easy to wear everyday fruity/floral fragrance, I'm not sure what I was expecting - a masculine, smoky fragrance, tinged with alcohol perhaps?

I love the scent of strawberries, so I love the long note of strawberry here; It is true-to-life and isn't as syrupy sweet as artificial strawberry can often be. Although the strawberry is the starring note I can also make out the mango. Just like the strawberry I'm  pleased by how authentic the scent note is.

The strawberry notes are strong enough to burn through to the heart notes and mingle with the delicate freesia. Freesia's are quite sweet and vaguely fruity in scent anyway, so it combines with the remaining strawberry perfectly.The grapefruit note is very mild and seemingly watered down, but it does help to dissipate the sweetness, so it never becomes syrupy.

The sweetness gradually becomes warmer and more subtle as the amber develops. The rose isn't very noticeable, but there is a hint of a soft, feminine powdered note, which I'm guessing is the rose hiding behind the amber. I can also detect a undercurrent of clean musk, which also helps tone down the sweetness so the amber can develop a creamy tone as it burns down.

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Scent notes
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Mango, wild strawberries, red grapefruit, black freesia, amber and rose accords.

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The bottle
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The bottle is a clear, glass encased in a pink card colouring. As mentioned above I'm not a fan of the Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy design range, so the tattoo inspired pattern on the casing does nothing for me. I also think that this style of bottle design is needlessly cheap for the fragrance's RRP.

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Other buying considerations
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I was disappointed by the lasting power for this one. It wears close to my skin and has dissipated within three to four hours.

This does gets another tick on my mental check list for being wearable all year round; Though it is particularly perfect for spring/summer. It's sweet, but not sickly or cloying. As it goes close to the skin I haven’t suffered from any migraines or sickness in hotter weather with this.

As well as wearing well throughout the entire year it can also be worn on most occasions; I like sweet perfumes on my 'off' days, whilst being close to the skin means that it won't offend colleagues and I think the long strawberry notes add a fun vibe, so happily wear it on nights out too.

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My opinion
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I'm a bit torn with this one: The wearability does justify the price [It's not too bad, but it's scent-a-likes are cheaper] and one of my favourite scent notes is used as the main focus.

However, I don’t think I'd re-buy it for myself at the minute as it's expensive for such an unoriginal casual-wear fragrance. Also, the poor staying power is a turn-off. If I come across it on special offer I will pick up a bottle.

Ralph Lauren' Ralph, Paris Hilton for Women and Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC are all similar fragrances to ED HARDY, so if you own them then you can give this a miss.

I'd personally would go for Paris Hilton for Women over this, as it's cheaper to buy, is longer lasting and the drydown is more multi-dimensional.

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30ml: £26
50ml: £35
100ml: £50

There's also a make-up palette floating around, which contains a Ed Hardy perfume Solid and a Ed Hardy Love and Luck perfume Solid (30ml each), so is a fun way to try this to see if you like it. It's also a lovely gift idea.

RRP is £40, but many sites and stores [I've seen it in Debenhams and The Perfume Shop] sell it for around £20.

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