Friday, 20 August 2010

Online shopping: Fairy Goodies

This site hugely appeals to my inner girlie girl. If I weren't on a strict no-buy I'd cause some serious damage... Just look at the range of products on offer:

Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings & Wand Sets
Fairy Wands, Fairy Tiaras & Feather Fans
Feather Boas
Cake Glitter And Edible Glitter
Butterfly Garlands and Butterfly Decorations
Floral Headdresses & Flower Head Garlands
Fairies In The Home!
Fairy Crafts
Fairy Dust
Iron On Clothes Decorations
Fairy & Cake Candles
Fairy Party Products
Glamour Fairy 1: False Eyelashes
Glamour Fairy 2: Hair & Make-Up
Bird Decorations and Bird Mobiles
Sprinkles & Confetti
Sparkly Bumper Stickers
Boxroom Babies
The Fairy Family
Fairy Greetings Cards
Noteables: Fairy and Fantasy Note Card Sets
Blessing Stones
Fairy Gift Bags

I first came across the site when Look magazine showed a few of the stunning headbands they offer - for only £5!! But of course when I visited the site I found lots of other things that I need too - My favourites are the coloured hair exension pieces [99p] and the vials of fairy dust [£1.33] that will really make your make-up look sparkle.

The prices are unbelievably inexpensive [everything that I've seen is well under the £10 mark] and first class shipping starts from only £2.55, so I've already bookmarked the site and can feel my no-buy resolve crumbling...

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