Sunday, 15 August 2010

New in stores: Forbidden Rose EDP by Avril Lavigne [Review]

I was really surprised by Procter & Gamble's first Avril Lavigne fragrance. Black Star was well-blended and unexpectedly sophisticated, with great lasting power. So needless to say I was excited to learn about the launch of her second EDP Forbidden Rose and I couldn't wait to try it. Could it live up to my expectations?

Unfortunately not: I'm underwhelmed by this; there's nothing that I actively dislike about Forbidden Rose, but there's nothing new here, not to mention how watered down it seems. Plus; the name and bottle design are really misleading.

It's pleasant enough to wear if I was bought a bottle, but it's not nice enough to spend my own money on.

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The fragrance

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that with the name being FORBIDDEN ROSE this would be a floral, containing rose. But no; This is a generic vanilla fragrance, with a hint of sweet fruits.

On first application Forbidden Rose reminds me of the smell of tinned fruit cocktail; It's sweet and artificial. On first wear the only note I could separate was the apple, but after reading the notes online and wearing it again I got a slight hint of peach, but only because I was looking for it. It does wear nicely in the heat though - The notes are light, so the sweetness isn't sickly.

From the first 10 minutes to the base there isn't really much to say; the vanilla is the strongest note and it overpowers everything else. The only differences are slight; the fragrance's heart contains a mostly-unrecognizable blend of florals, with gives the vanilla a powdery undertone.

The vanilla in the base is noticeably richer and creamier than the heart and loses the powdery undertone. I'm not sure if this is due to the chocolate, sandalwood or both, as neither note is strong enough to be separated from the vanilla.

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Scent notes

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Red apple, white peach, Bourbon vanilla, lotus, heliotrope, green apple, vanilla, chocolate and creamy sandalwood.

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The bottle

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I do love the whimsical design of the bottle and cap; It forms a black rose.

The heavy glass is clear, so you can clearly see the lilac juice.

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Other buying considerations

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First things first; I was disappointed with the staying power; 3/4 hours for a EDP. The fragrance is also close to the skin, so you need to press your wrist right to your nose after an hour to smell it.

The lightness of the EDP does mean that the fragrance isn't sickly or as young as the sweet fruits and vanilla could have otherwise made it. As it is I'd say that the fragrance is ageless and can be confidently worn to work, as well as casual wear. It's too quiet for evening wear though.

Forbidden Rose can also be worn all year round. The light fruits and the powderiness make this pleasant in the sun and heat, while the vanilla is warm and comforting in the cold.

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